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Q: Can pear trees pollinate apple trees?
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Can apple trees pollinate a golden spice pear tree?


Will a pear tree pollinate and apple tree?


The ratio of apple trees to pear trees in the Gund Family Orchard is 4 to 3 If there are 126 pear trees how many apple trees are in the orchard tree?

Divide the pear trees by 4 then multiply the result by 3 to get the answer.

How does an apple flower pollinate?

It depends on the type of apple tree, some are self pollinating and some need other trees pollen in order to pollinate.

Are pear trees smaller than apple trees?

ya, some types

Can apple trees and pear trees become one tree?

No It's physicly impossible

Can you have an apple tree with a plum tree to pollinate so both trees bear fruit?


What are the two most cultivated fruit trees in the world?

The apple is commercially the most important of the world's deciduous fruit trees, and is follwed by the pear. In the United States, however, the pear ranks third, after the apple and peach.

Do you need two apple trees to polinate?

Not necessarily. If you have other plants in your garden (Flowers, shrubs, etc.) you will not need two apple trees. If you have no other plants in your garden, then yes, you will need two apple trees to pollinate.

What are Denmark's native trees?

The most common are fir trees, oaks, birches and fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry).

What will pollinate a summer crisp pear?

Parker or Patten will pollinate a Summer Crisp.

Why do Apple farmers purchase bees?

Apple farmers need bees to pollinate their apple trees. Where bees have been eradicated by pesticides, more bees, or hand pollination, are necessary for the trees to bear fruit.

What fruit trees are there in animal crossing wild world?

There are pear trees, coconut trees, peach trees, cherry trees, apple trees, orange trees, and even money trees!

What are three examples of trees?

There are literally hundreds of examples of trees. Some examples of trees include pines, oaks, maples, locust, apple, and pear trees.

Which rots faster a pear or an apple?

A pear rots faster than an apple because a pear is softer than a apple.

What trees and plants grow in Canada?

maple trees grow in canada. also pine trees grow in canada. Also many fruit trees such as apple and pear.

Names of hardwood trees?

Cherry, apple, pear and other fruit trees, also other deducious trees (trees that lose their leaves in winter) like oak.

Can a pear tree pollinate with a plum tree?

Any plant can pollinate with any plant. Just so long as there's bees there. Bees accidentally get pollen from other plants on there feet and can ACCIDENTALLY cross-pollinate. So, yes, a pear CAN pollinate with a plum tree.

Example of trees?

ash oak elm birch yew willow monkey apple pear

Can a standard apple tree pollinate a semi dwarf apple tree?

Yes. They are the same species and the same trees. The difference is the grafted on root system. However, the two varieties must have flowering times that overlap, otherwise they will not pollinate.

What plants store foods in fruits?

Some trees like apple and avocado pear trees store extra food in their fruit.

If you had a pair of apples but a pear of a pair and an apple of a pair and you got a bunch of pears from your apple tree or u got ur pair of no pear on ur normal pear tree how many pears do u have?

2 One, pears do not grow on apple trees one is 1/2 of a pair.

Can Semi Dwarf Bartlett Pear Trees Pollinate each other?

I believe that Bartlett Pears can self polinate. As in one tree. If you have 2 trees, well, the more the merrier, but a polinator is not needed.

What are all the types of hardwood trees?

Cherry, apple, pear and other fruit trees, also other deducious trees (trees that lose their leaves in winter) like oak.

What is half an apple and pear called?

half an apple and pear obviously!