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Yes, the legally qualified voters who live in DC are allowed to vote for president. DC has been given three electoral votes and their electors vote along with all the electors from the states.

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Can you vote for president if you live in Washington DC?


How do the people in Washington DC vote?

At a polling station.

What was the popular vote for Obama in Washington?

President Obama had 1,775,396 votes or 55.88% in Washington State. But if you are referring to Washington DC, the president received 267,070 votes, or 90% of the popular vote.

Are Residents of Washington DC are now able to vote for electors for the president?

Yes. DC has 3 electoral votes.

Who votes for electoral votes in Washington DC?

The registered voters of DC choose their three electors who vote for the president.

Can Washington DC only vote for the president?

We are a free countryNo, other people can, too because the U.S. is a free country, and men and women of any race are allowed to vote.

Where is the seat of the federal government?

The seat of the federal government is in Washington, DC. This is where the President lives and where congress people meet to vote on potential laws.

Which city could not vote for president until the twenty-third amendment?

Washington DC

When did DC residents get the right to vote in presidential elections?

The 23rd Amendment passed in 1961 gives people living in DC the right to vote for President

What amendment does Washington DC to have a minimum number of electoral votes?

The Twenty-Third Amendment guarantees Washington, DC a minimum number of electoral votes. Before that, they could not vote for President.

Can the people of Washington DC vote?

yep, but they have only been able to since 1964

Why couldn't people in Washington DC vote?

(The district did not have any votes in the electoral college.)

Do people in Washington DC get to vote in a presidential election?

Yes but only if its a leap year

Why does Washington dc get electoral votes if its not a state?

Because of the 23rd Amendment which granted District residents the right to vote for President and Vice President.

What did the 23rd amendment do?

It had allowed the people in Washington DC vote. the Amendment was ratified i=on march 29th 1961 by JFK. an easy way to rememebr it is " 23 vote in DC."

How many representatives in the House represent Washington DC?

Three people get to be in Congress about the Federal District of Washington, but they are not representatives; representatives get to vote; those people from D. F. dont get to vote.

Can you vote if you live in Washington DC?


What president was born near Washington DC?

George Washington was born the closest to Washington, DC.

Which president was born in Washington DC?

No US President was born in Washington D.C.

Can people who live in Washington DC vote?

The 50% who are convicted felons can't. Everyone else can though.

What does the 23rd amendment say about DC?

Residents of the District of Columbia (Washington DC) can vote.

Who lives in Washington DC?

the president

When were the citizens of Washington D.C. able to vote for its senators?

Citizens of Washington, DC are not able to vote for the Senate or Congress.

How many representatives does Washington send to Washington DC?

Washington DC has one delegate to the house who is not allowed to vote.

Difference between Washington and Washington DC?

Washington is a state Washington DC is the capitol city. Although people who live in DC call it Washington or DC.

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