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Q: Can people make money by recycling aluminum?
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When you recycle something do you change it so that it can be used again?

Well, you could make it into something or you can take it to the recycling center to get money, but only with aluminum.

How is recycling useless?

It cost more energy, time, money and produces more negative effects to the environment to recycle than to make items from scratch. Aluminum is the only useful recycling.

What are some simple make money ideas?

Start out by going to garage sales and finding things that need repaired. You can then turn around and sell them again. Recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum at a recycling center will get you some quick money.

Can you make money off of recycling?

yes you can by giving it to a recycling company.

Can you make money off recycling?

yes you can by giving it to a recycling company.

Can you make money recycling steel cans?


Why do people recycle aluminum instead of mining for more?

Aluminum is the only material that's endlessly recyclable, and It takes energy to make aluminum from scratch. In fact, it takes 95% more energy to make aluminum from bauxite ore than to recycle old aluminum into new. The energy you save by recycling a single aluminum can will run a TV for three hours.

How much money would you get recycling a pound of beer cans?

It depends on how much a pound of aluminum is going for. The fact that they're beer cans won't make any difference.

How do recycling centers make money?

When you bring items to a recycling center, they will pay you a small amoung. The recycling center, in turn, makes money by reselling the things you bring in to companies that will process the items to make new goods.

Why should you recycle aluminum cans?

== == We have limited natural resources, so we should not waste them. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours. It makes more sense to recycle them, and in some areas, the recycling center will pay you for them. Just think, help the environment and earn a couple of bucks! A win-win situation. Information about Aluminum can recycling:

How much energy are you saving when you recycle?

Aluminum One of the most efficient forms of recycling is aluminum recycling. Aluminum can be reused repeatedly and requires very little processing to make it available for reuse. Manufacturers simply melt down crushed aluminum stock and add it to freshly extracted aluminum without any degradation of quality in the finished product. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, recycling an aluminum can requires less than 5 percent of the energy that would be expended in creating a similar can out of fresh bauxite ore. The Aluminum Association estimates that the energy saved in recycling a single aluminum can could power a television for 3 hours. Plastic Seven major types of plastic are found in consumer products, and recycling can Save extend the use of most of them. Recycling plastic requires only a tenth of the energy needed to create new plastic from raw materials, according to Mike Biddle, president of MBA Polymers.

How do recycling companies get money?

Recycling companies get money by selling the material they take in to recycle, after they separate the various kinds and process them to make them more easily usable by those they sell to.