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Yes. Most schools will allow this anyway.

It depends on the individual. If they also have learning difficulties then possably not; but if they are fine accidemicly then yes.

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Q: Can people with autism take GCSE's?
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What is the point in gcses?

to categorize people into average and clever as you wouldn't take someone on who got a U in maths to be an accountant.

What is Autism awareness?

Autism awareness is simply making people aware of autism and Autistic people. Unfortunately organizations such as Autism Speaks uses autism awareness to speak negatively about autism and Autistic people to increase their profits, thus there remains a lot of ignorance about autism.

Do autistic people take special medicine?

No, autistic people do not take special medicine. There is no one treatment for autism, some autistic people may take certain medications for certain aspects of their autism or comorbid conditions such as depression or anxiety, but there is no one specific medication for autis.

What can you do to people who have autism?

It would not be ethical or legal to do anything TO people who have autism.

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Do people with autism repeat them self's?

Yes people with autism do repeat them self's.

Do people who have anger have autism?

Not all people with anger have autism but autistic people do tend to have anger issues

Is it hard to fight Autism?

It's not hard to fight Autism because there is no reason to fight Autism to begin with. Autism is not a bad things, it's not something people need to fight but Autism is a group of people who deserve to be fought for and not against!

What age do most people get autism?

No one 'gets' autism. Autism is a neurological difference, people who are autistic are born autistic and it'snot something that they contract.

How many people have Autism in the world?

There are thousands, maybe millions of people have autism. There are some people who don't know they even have it! So, it's safe to say, there are a lot of people with autism in this world.

What is autism awareness mean?

Autism awareness means bringing awareness about autism and Autistic people. Autism awareness is unfortunately associated with Autism Speaks who actually act against Autistic people by spreading misinformation as a means of increasing their profits.

How long does it take for a person to develop Autism and why?

A person does not develop autism, autism is not something that occurs to neurotypical people, in the same way that a white person doesn't develop into another race. A person is born autistic, their brains form in the womb.