The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academic qualification awarded in a specified subject. Students aged between 14 and 16 take a number of these subjects while in secondary school in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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What does acciaccatura mean in music GCSE?

ANSWER:Acciaccature means a note that is 1/2 or 1 step below a princable note.

:D Good Luck.x


What gcses do you take to become a binman?

pe, health and social care !!


What GCSEs do you need for a career in fashion?

you probably need some designer like desktop publishing, courses, computer engineer like ACT courses and of course the basic math, science and English


What gcse's do i need to be a tattoo artist?

You "need" nothing to be a tattoo artist in the way of secondary education. Most tattoo artists have been drawing since they could hold a pencil, so it goes without saying that you should be a competent artist and can draw virtually anything that someone requests of you, this is especially important if you intend to become more of a custom artist as opposed to a run of the mill tattoo artist who simply does flash tattoos. You will be required to have a certificate of accomplishment for Bloodborne Pathogen Training, and it will be in your benefit to be certified in CPR and Basic First Aid. This is the only actual documentation that you need to be a tattoo artist working in a shop aside from having a solid portfolio of artwork and any tattoos that you have done yourself. Other than this, learn anything and everything that you can about tattoos, application, techniques, history, different styles, terminology, etc., etc.

alternativley, go get a proper job... dont be a chav all your life.

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What quailifcations do you need to become a councellar?

Depending on which field of therapy you are planning on joining, you typically need a B.S. degree (no that is not a curse word) as well as a masters in psychology and/or human development. Now to be a clinical social worker you need a B.S. or a B.A. in human development or in dclinical social sciences. To be a school therapist you need a masters, depending on the district. However after all this a Ph.D. is always prefered.


When do you get your GCSE certificates?

GCSE results are usually recieved by the expectee in Late August.

Bagshad :)


What is a credit equivalent to at GCSE?

Please answer immedialtey very important


What are the grade boundaries on the gcse statistics coursework?

Just got mine back today. Its out of 40 so D was 15, C was 19, B was 24, A was 30 and A* was 36. ^_^


What GCSEs do you need to take to be a politician?

You need all the main ones such as Maths, English Lit. and Lang. and Science. A modern foreign language and probably something like History or Latin if you can.

The GCSE's aren't that important at all. Just get good grades in any subjects for that level.

When you get to A-Level, that's where you'll need particular subjects.

I've also heard that to have a good career in politics you should have a career in something different for a few years first and then you can go into politics.

Hope that helped :)


Was it o levels or gcses in 1969?

The "General Certificate of Education 'Ordinary' Level Examination", otherwise known as the "GCE 'O' Level" or the "O Levels" is the examination taken by students of Secondary Education in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries or regions associated with the British curriculum.

The "GCE 'O' Level" in theUnited Kingdom is replaced by the "General Certificate of Secondary Education" (abbreviated "GCSE") in 1988. However, many Commonwealth countries and some British schools still retain the "GCE 'O' Level" through the examining boards of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), American Council for Higher Education and Edexcel International.

Therefore, in 1969, the primary examination was the "GCE 'O' Level" as the "GCSE" was only implemented in 1988.


What percentage is needed for a B in GCSE I.C.T?

I think 70% Not too sure though... I got 49 marks out of 80 in my mocks and that was a C (One mark away from a D)


What gcse's do you need for event planning?

You need mainly art, media studies, a good grade in English and maths and also you should have natural people skills and be able to present yourself well.


What date do gcse results come out in 2012?

According to the AQA board calender, the GCSE results were posted on August 23, 2012.

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What GCSes do you need to be a lawyer?

In the way of results, as many A's as possible especially if you want to go to a good law school.

I go to King's College Law School and I got 5A*and 4A's so good results help.


What grade is 42 marks out of 100 in a GCSE maths exam?

Probably about a D or an E, but really it depends on which maths exam, because my ones are out of 54

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What do you need to do to become a mechanic?

You will need to have a working knowledge of mechanical applications. Most states have certification tests. The certification tests need to be passed in order to become a certified mechanic.

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What GCSE results I need to get into law school?

That's not a proper question for starters, it's:

"What GCSE results will I need to get into law school?"

Well, if you want to get into a top university, like Nottingham or Oxford and easily go on and get a job they'll be looking for mostly As/A*s as there's LOTS of competition out there.

If you want to go to a more middle-class university, like Nottingham Trent then they'll only be looking for 5 passes which isn't much really but your job prospects won't be as good.

If I were you I'd spread out my time evenly among all subjects and aim for As, then in the subjects you are more naturally competent at you'll get A*s.

To be a lawyer you ideally need to be a natural at English and History and a general all-rounder.

Best of luck! :D

(I'm also taking my GCSEs and want to be a solicitor!)


Did you fail your GCSE if you got a D?

yea n nw thy r tellin me dati vl hv 2 do travel n tourism 4 1 yr...:(:(

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Why does your wife need privacy?

Everyone has a basic need for privacy sometimes. Don't take it personally, but time to reflect on life, read a magazine, pluck eyebrows, answer emails, to sit and ponder life, to watch something through your own eyes, not another's, make a phone call to a friend, make an errand alone, flip through TV stations, move aimlessly from room to room, all makes one a better person. Your place in this is to provide this time by taking up your own activities, not requiring her to justify her motives or actions, and then meet back at an agreed time a few hours later. If you have to question her about every move in this privacy matter, you should take some time to reflect.


Is there a Golf Coach at Eagleton?

YES! Mr. Ajay S. Balakrishnan, one of thefew goodGolf Coaches in India and certified by PGA and by IGU, teaches Golf at Eagleton in bangalore, India.


What are some good tips for learning vocabulary in a foreign language?

There are multiple things that you can do to help you learn vocabulary in a foreign language:

You can learn a lot of vocabulary by flashcards. It helps me to make flashcards to review words or phrases I need to work on. You can use flashcards at almost any time like waiting in line or on commercial while you're watching TV.

Say the word in the foreign language with the correct or as close to correct pronunciation as possible and repeat over and over. Then go back and forth from English to the Foreign language. Then close your eyes and in your head picture the thing that you are saying. Concentrate and keep on saying it in the foreign language.

REVIEW!!! Reviewing what you have already learned is important. It won't do you any good if you learn it and then forget it soon after. Review 20 minutes after you learned them and then another 20 minutes after that. Review every day. If you don't have time to learn more words, review. Also, review before you go to bed.

And the worst thing you can do in learning a languges vocabulary is giving up on it


How many GCSE's do you need to be a brick layer?

I'm a bricklayer myself and the gcse you need at least a C in maths and a C in science also a C in Construction


Do you need a latin GCSE to get into oxbridge?

Well, I think it is not necessary. It shows intelligence but modern languages are also popular. But if you can get an A* it looks really good

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What GCSE qualifications do you need to become a Nurse?

To become a nurse you have to no about the human body, so i would think biology would be of use. Also, you can get a nursing degree, but you have to have at least 12 months experience in a hospial before doing so. I would suggest getting this experience by voulenteering at a hospital. Hope i helped!


What is a level 7a in GCSE geography?

go to a dictionary


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