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Elementary school (also called primary school) refers to education institutions established for children age five through ages ten to 12, depending upon the school. Questions relating to elementary or primary schools can be found here.

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Primary and Elementary School
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Should cursive be taught in school?

Personally, I think it’s a good thing that cursive was phased out. Replacing it with a more practical skill like typing makes a lot of sense.

However, this opens up the argument that many things taught in school are not exactly practical and could be eliminated with the ubiquity of modern technologies. Why learn basic math when we have calculators? For that matter, why learn anything when we can Google everything? It’s a slippery slope to eliminate every skill that doesn’t fall into the practical category, and I think there is something to be said for learning for the sake of learning.

That being said, many people feel like much of a child’s current curriculum will not prepare them for “real life.” There are only so many hours in a school day, so is there more value in learning how to do your own taxes versus advanced calculus? Overall, I think it’s important to have a good balance of practicality and creativity in education.

School Subjects
Primary and Elementary School

Do schools still teach cursive writing?

In 2010, the Common Core Standards Initiative removed the requirement that cursive be taught in public elementary schools. It made sense given the rise in computer usage and a greater emphasis placed on keyboarding in the school curriculum. However, several states have since reinstated the cursive requirement, thanks to lobbyists and lawmakers who advocate for the importance of the skill. So yes, some schools do still teach cursive writing.

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Primary and Elementary School

How do you write an essay about a specific topic?

WikiAnswers will not write an essay for you to copy, but we will help you to write your own assignment.

  • If your teacher has given you a specific topic, the first thing you should do is make a list of everything you know about that topic. Do some research if you need to!

For the first step, don't worry about complete sentences and grammar - just write down your ideas. This can be either an informal list or a more formal outline.

If you are writing about a person, list facts about their life. If you are writing about a place or thing, list facts that you have looked up.

If your topic is more general, like "The Flag" or "Friendship," write down anything that comes into your mind when you think of that thing. If you are writing about an event, like "My Vacation" or "A Trip to the Airport," list everything that happened.

If your teacher has given you a phrase or proverb as a topic (like "Give Love, Get Love" or "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine") then you first must be sure you understand what the phrase means! Use a search engine like or if you need to. Then list everything that you think of when you think of that phrase.

  • Write the introductory paragraph using the assigned topic as your thesis or topic statement. Explain what you are going to show about this topic in your essay.
  • Now, make each fact you have listed into a complete sentence. For each fact, write two or three more sentences explaining that fact. These will be your paragraphs. Try different ways of putting them in order in the essay until you decide which way works best to get your ideas across - it does not really matter what order you use unless the teacher has said to do it a specific way!
  • Write your concluding paragraph, in which you show that each of your facts supported or explained the topic.
  • Check your grammar and punctuation.

*Supervisors: this question is part of a learning hub about writing. Please do not delete answers*
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Primary and Elementary School

Cut off list of BTC of district Bijnor of 2010-2011?

the btc merit is 55

Mental Health
Primary and Elementary School

What can you do when you are bored in class?

Bored in Class...Whether it's because you already understand the material being taught, or are off in your 'own little world', or the teacher is just plain BORING, you should still try and give the teacher the courtesy of your attention, (you could add to any discussion).

The educational option:

If a class is really boring and you still want to learn, read ahead in the textbook and take some notes. Draw pictures in your notebook about what the teacher is saying, or make up a crossword puzzle or word search using the vocabulary words in the lesson. So long as you are sitting quietly in your place and appear to be paying attention, most teachers will ignore the fact that you're not really "all there."

NOW if both the teacher and the lesson are boring, you have no choice but to resort to one of the options below (submitted by contributors):

Note-Some of these are ONLY PROVIDED FOR AMUSEMENT (and if attempted may lead to discipline)

  1. Try to develop psychic powers, then proceed to use them.
  2. Play tic-tac-toe with yourself and lose.
  3. Sing show tunes.
  4. Make animal noises, and then deny doing it.
  5. Only speak in rhymes.
  6. Think of new pick up lines, and see if they work.
  7. Pretend you're flying a jet fighter in the Gulf War.
  8. Churn some butter.
  9. Conceive a brand new language.
  10. If the walls are made from bricks, count the bricks!
  11. Plot revenge against someone, regardless of if they have 'wronged you'.
  12. Answer every question with one word answers.
  13. Think of nicknames for everyone you know.
  14. See how long that you can hold your breath.
  15. Take your pants off and proceed to give them to the professor.
  16. Chew on your arm until someone else notices.
  17. Move to a different seat every three minutes.
  18. Think of ways to cheat at Trivial Pursuit.
  19. Shave your armpits, legs, face, etc.!
  20. Run across the room, tag someone and say "You're it.".
  21. Blow up a beach ball and toss it around.
  22. write a letter to your friend with the opposite writing hand (lefties- use right, righties use left)
  23. Announce to the class that you are God and that you are angry.
  24. Think of five hundred thousand new ways to use your shoes.
  25. Start a wave going across the room that go back and forth continuously!
  26. Walk around the room begging for spare change.
  27. Roast marshmallows and sausages!
  28. Practice phrasing your answers in the form of a question.
  29. Crawl around the room humming the music from Mission Impossible.
  30. Take apart your desk.
  31. Put your desk back together again ... better, faster, stronger.
  32. Pretend to communicate with your home planet.
  33. Play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' with yourself, and proceed to accuse your left hand of cheating.
  34. Do a quick tap-dance routine.
  35. Try birdwatching.
  36. Walk up the aisle yelling, "Popcorn! Hot popcorn here!".
  37. Throw your backpack at someone.
  38. Run to the window, then say, "Sorry, I thought I saw the Bat-Signal".
  39. Ask the person in front of you to marry you.
  40. Start laughing really hard and say, "Oh, now I get it.".
  41. Make a sundial.
  42. Give yourself a new identity or name.
  43. Write a screenplay about a diabetic Swedish girl who can't swim.
  44. Dig an escape tunnel.
  45. Announce your candidacy for President.
  46. Write songs, poems, stories, or books!
  47. Cook hummus.
  48. Eat the assignment!
  49. Eat your desk.
  50. Sing, "I Believe I Can Fly", while flapping your arms wildly about.
  51. Start a debate with one of your classmates.
  52. write a note to yourself and have it delivered by messenger
  53. Order Pizza and have it delivered to the classroom.
  54. Hide the teachers pen or marker.
  55. Learn Origami.
  56. Fart and blame it on a friend.
  57. When the teacher is taking roll after every two names jump up and say "That's me I'm here...Oh wait no.."
  58. Ask the teacher if she's ever seen an actual HUMAN!!
  59. Ask the teacher a random question about Flamingos then ask what the lesson was.
  60. Sing the "Happy Birthday Mr.President"..
  61. Ask the teacher who they want to win the Super Bowl in 2020.
  62. Tell the teacher your new name is Bob Figly Jr. and if she calls you by it yell at her saying "THAT'S NOT MY NAME WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!"
  63. Take out your cell phone and get on ESPN facebook or myspace
  64. Get other people to sing aloud with you.
  65. Stare at the hottest girl in the class and when she say what you looking at you say the fat girl behind you.
  66. If the teacher asks you to name two pronouns say, "Who, me?"
  67. When the substitute teacher passes the paper around for everyone to sign they are here, make sure you sign "Al Coholic" or "Phil Ashio".
  68. If asked to name a Civil Rights leader, say "Eldridge Cleaver" or "James Earl Ray".
  69. If you don't know the real answer, give a funny answer. Thus the answer to "Who won the Civil War?" is "The Civilians" and "The Battle of the Bulge" refers to Hitler's well known weight problem.
  70. Stare at your teacher and mentally undress her. Then mentally fantasize about having to stay after class with her. Now write a letter to Penthouse describing it as if it actually happened. Make sure you start the letter, "I never thought this would happen to me, but..."
  71. Raise your hand and ask if you may use the bathroom. When she says yes, remain silent while staring up at the ceiling, then after a few seconds say, "Thank you.".
  72. If she's one of those teachers who sits on the desk, ask her if she can show a bit more thigh.
  73. Raise your hand and when she calls on you, ask, "Are we still on for this Friday night?"
  74. If she calls on you and you don't know the answer, say, "I'm sorry, but my faith doesn't permit me to answer the unbeliever."
  75. If you're in biology class, answer every question with "Because God made it so, sinner."
  76. Pretend you are channeling Ki-Ra, a 3,000 year old ghost of a Babylonian stable boy. (Channeling princes and warriors is so cliche.)
  77. No matter what she asks you say, "What would the School Board think about you asking that to kids our age?"
  78. Never ask if you can go to the nurse's office for Ritalin, instead say you need to see your dealer to score some speed.
  79. If you walk in late, go straight up to her, lean in, and whisper, "The principal told me to have you come to office at once." (Careful, that works.)
  80. If you don't know the answer, say, "I think I need you to paddle me. (pause) Again." (Works whether teacher is male or female.)
  81. Fold up a note and pass it to someone and when they open it it's blank
  82. If your teacher wears glasses, try to take them and wear them while he/she looks for them.
  83. Go to the back of the room take out your cellphone and pretend your talking to your mom. (When they try to take the phone away from you say "shush I'm on the phone." and then say to the phone " Yeah I'm still here." etc.)
  84. Play patty cake with the person next to you.
  85. If its hot out make a paper fan and fan yourself with it.
  86. If your teacher is in a bad mood ask them " Having troubles with the online dating???"
  87. Listen to your iPod and start dancing crazily in your desk. If someone tries to get your attention pretend you cant hear them.
  88. Play spin the bottle with a few friends using a pencil and actually kiss the person next to you if you get picked.
  89. Write "I'm bored ,from your fellow students." on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and put it on the teachers desk.
  90. Play catch with a friend across the room.
  91. Start playing a game of hangman on the (white board,chalk board, smart board,etc.)with a friend during the lesson.
  92. Start singing the party rock anthem and shuffle around the room.
  93. When the teacher asks you a question say a business slogan (example. Teacher." Whats the square root of 26?" You. "Save money, live better, Wal-mart."
  94. Use the electric pencil sharpener the entire lesson. If the teacher tries to tell you to stop point to your ear and yell " I cant hear you! the pencil sharpener is to loud.
  95. When the teacher hands out paper say "Tree killer."
  96. If the teacher has food in class with them go to there desk and start eating it.
  97. I the fire alarm goes off yell "Field Trip!" and then run out of the door.
  98. When your teacher asks you to write an essay always write it on the wall so that it will never be late.
  99. Go up to the teacher and start dabbing her face with a paper towel. When she/he asks what you are doing say "Oh I'm sorry, you just looked a little sweaty".
  100. Pitch a tent in class and then invite everybody to a party at your tent.
  101. Throw a party for the back of the room with soda, chips, and a portable DVD player.
  102. Record noises like farting, a pair of pants ripping, burping, etc. and play them back just at the right times

You can try spinning your pen/pencil around your fingers

Or draw a picture

If you're really daring, pull out your phone (if you have one) during class and try to go online

Mental Health
Primary and Elementary School

What fun different or interesting activities can school age kids do when you are bored?

If you are bored you have too much time on your hands. Perhaps it's the weekend, or the summer.

I don't think that there ever comes a time in life when you have nothing to do. There is always something you can be doing!

Don't be afraid to use your imagination and you are never too old to do any of these activities - there is always something to do.

Since boredom comes from inside you and not from out in the world, get up and go discover the world.

There are many things to see and do outside your door. Go find them. Since everyone is different when boredom hits, they solve that problem by engaging in their favorite hobbies or activities. If you don't know what you absolutely enjoy doing yet, you could experiment with a few time consuming activities that will spike your interest.

Don't like that? Write 25 questions down that come to mind. Not silly things, but real questions and then go look for the answers. Many great men did this all of their lives and inventions, art, and other things have come from them because of it. Da Vinci is one such man who wrote questions to himself all of his life and he did many great things.

I hate being bored, but then I tried doing some of these activities. It really helps! If it doesn't help, at least you tried something!

Please refrain from all illegal activities

For children of school age


  • Clean your room
  • Make your bed
  • Look under your bed for missing toys or clothing

School Work

Most children or teens think school work is boring, but it's something we all had to do or are doing to get a good education. Go to the library and read more and oh yes, there are computers there so check out google.Com and find some subjects you would be interested in.

  • Do your homework
  • Catch up on your homework
  • Do extra work
  • Read the next chapter
  • Answer study or practice questions at the end of a chapter
  • How about learning to spell words correctly. Unless, of course, you are a board - as in a plank of wood!

School Activities

  • Practice cheering
  • Practice your sport
  • Practice dancing
  • Practice your musical instrument
  • Plan what you're going to do at school

Brain Activities

  • Find a long word and see how many words you can make using those letters.
  • Make a word pyramid ( one letter word then a letter word and so on) A An Ant Pant paint

Outdoor activities

  • Play outside
  • Go outside and explore.
  • Go outside to swing
  • Go outside and get some fresh air and exercise when the weather is good.
  • Ride your bike
  • Just get out of the house for a while
  • Go swimming in your backyard.
  • Learn how to hula-hoop.
  • Create a sidewalk mural with chalk.
  • Create a masterpiece on your driveway with sidewalk chalk
  • Have a water balloon fight; or a sponge ball fight

Outdoor solitary games

  • Hopscotch
  • Jump up and down
  • Jumping Rope
  • Running
  • Grab a blanket and spread it out in the grass and cloud watch.
  • Study an insect
  • Catch lightning bugs.

Outdoor Games with Friends

  • Freeze!
  • Red Rover
  • Hide and Seek
  • Tug of War
  • Make up a game
  • Go to a park and make friends with new kids and play with them


  • Take a walk
  • Do exercises, calisthenics
  • Make up new exercises
  • Skip rather than walk


  • Read a book. Try one that someone recommended, but that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Swap a favorite book with a friend and read it.
  • Read a comic book
  • Read the newspaper or a magazine

Book Titles to read

  • Harry Potter series
  • Hunger Games
  • Agatha Cristie novels
  • To Kill a mockingbird


  • If you have nothing to read, go to the library)
  • Check out 2 books on topics you've never read
  • Watch a video
  • Research a topic
  • Research your Family Tree
  • Watch patrons

Pretending into the future and write it all down!

  • Pretend to be a scientist, mathematician, doctor, nurse, librarian. Write a journal of your observations about size, shape, colors, texture, taste, usefulness… such as:
  • Measure random things
  • Weigh random things
  • Test foods you don't usually eat as if you're a scientist
  • Write an essay on what you would do if you could.

Other Pretend

  • Build a den
  • Build a Fort
  • Take all the cushions off the couch and some blankets from your bed and build a fort
  • Design a "Box Robot". Find old cardboard boxes. Draw pictures on the boxes. Put the boxes onto your head and arms. Walk and talk like a Box Robot.
  • Dress up

Creative activities

  • Find something to color (not walls)
  • Draw; Drawing
  • Draw a picture of something (cat, dog, mom, dad, flowers, yourself, teddy bear)
  • Paint; painting
  • doodle
  • Poetry writing
  • Story writing
  • Write a book
  • Make a play with your friends
  • Make something for someone.
  • Get out paper scissors, glue, and tape and make something
  • Record your singing to see how well you do
  • Get out dry macaroni/beads and a plastic bag. Rip up some of the bag into three(better if thin) pieces. Braid the pieces into a thin string. Tie both ends just enough so you can tie the two ends and then put on the beads/macaroni. If you don't know how to braid, just rip a long enough plastic for your wrist. Make the plastic thin by twisting the plastic.
  • Make a newspaper for your family
  • Create a story/ novel or whatever you want
  • Take a picture
  • Create a contest
  • Make paper airplanes and measure how far they fly
  • Run a slide-show of all the pictures on your computer while playing all the music
  • Sew
  • Knit
  • Crochet
  • Make a friendship bracelet and send it to your friend.
  • If you don't love reading then sing and dance
  • Cut out photos, paste them on popsicle sticks and have a puppet show

Planning things

  • Write a To Do list
  • Write a Favorite Places list
  • Write down your goals in life
  • Describe 5 jobs you think you might like to do as an adult, and why.
  • Plan a party (with parents' permission if you live with them) and make hand-make invitations and envelopes and snail-mail them
  • Go through your closet/dresser(s) and try on clothes that you wonder if they still fit you. Put ones that don't fit you or you don't like in a bag and donate them to your nearest charity (like Salvation Army).


  • Open your closet and pick out the worst match of shirt, pants or skirt and shoes. wear them
  • Have a winter clothes fashion show
  • Have a summer clothes fashion show.
  • Pretend you're going to the prom
  • Use plastic bags to make clothing
  • Use newspapers to make clothing

Television and Movie Stars

  • Watch a program on TV
  • watch a movie and eat popcorn.
  • Watch movies: Harry Potter; Disney movies, etc
  • Watch comedy movies or shows
  • Choose a movie to see based on the roll of the dice. Open a newspaper or web browser to your local movie listings. Roll the dice. For example, you roll a three, so go see the third movie in the listings.
  • Watch a Silent Film while playing your favorite music on the stereo
  • Turn on the t.V. Put it on mute and make up dialogue. Or mute the TV and play music. It's funny to see how the music "matches up" with what's happening on-screen
  • Act a little movie and record it on your phone/camera
  • Have a TV Series Marathon
  • Have a movie marathon. Watch all the Lord of the Rings; Star Wars; Indiana Jones
  • Watch MTV; listen to music on the TV
  • Write and Act Out a little movie and record it on your phone/camera
  • Write and Act Out a new commercial for TV

Give all movie stars new names


  • Have a pool party.
  • Play with water balloons.
  • Go swimming.


  • Picnic at a local park.

Games and Electronics

  • Play a game

Activities to do with your parents and family

  • go to the movies
  • Cook or Bake something if allowed
  • Interview your parents
  • Enjoy a board game marathon on your backyard picnic table or on your back porch.
  • Have a scavenger hunt.

Activities with your siblings

  • If you have younger siblings give them a makeover or give them soccer practice.
  • Read to them
  • Play school with them

Activities with your Grandparents

  • Go for a ride
  • Go to lunch
  • Have a picnic with them
  • Take a walk with them
  • Take them cards you made
  • Dust or mop the floor
  • Listen to their stories
  • Learn how to make cookies
  • Learn how to fix a car
  • Ask them about their parents (your great-grandparents)
  • Ask them about their childhoods and 5 things they did


  • Research a hobby
  • Take up some hobby like stamp or coin collecting
  • Update your hobby
  • Organize your hobby items


  • Go curl up in bed or on a comfy chair or sofa
  • Go to sleep
  • Listen to the birds
  • Listen to a friend
  • Listen to your parents

Letter writing

  • E-mail the president
  • Write a letter to yourself for when you turn age 15, age 20, age 25
  • Write a letter to your best-ever friend
  • Write a letter to your worst-ever enemy-but DON'T send it!
  • Write a letter to someone you admire
  • Write a note to your teacher


  • Play with your dog
  • Take your dog for a walk if you have one
  • Play with your cat
  • Force your cat (if you have one) into a harness and take it on a walk
  • Play with your gerbil
  • Make a list of tricks to teach your pet.
  • Teach your pet one (1) trick
  • Make observations about your pet and write them in "(Your Pet's Name) Diary"
  • Get on the floor and follow your pet around
  • Write a story as if your pet was telling the story
  • If you don't have a pet, draw pictures of a pet you would like to own.

Eating, in moderation

  • Buy ice cream
  • Eat food
  • Make an awesome ice cream sundae
  • Make hot chocolate, coffee, tea, lemonade, iced tea, or other drink
  • Eat a fruit or veggie every time you crave junk food
  • Have a lemonade stand
  • Eat a candy bar


  • Help mom
  • Help dad
  • Help an elderly neighbor
  • Read to a younger sibling
  • walk dogs at an animal shelter,
  • stock shelves at a food pantry,
  • serve a meal at a shelter,
  • read books to or play with children,
  • go through your stuff and donate items to a shelter or a thrift store
  • pick up litter.
  • Create a summer safety poster for the local library.

Make Money!

  • Sell ice tea ( I did and made $)
  • Mow neighbor's grass
  • Weed neighbor's flower bed
  • Broom neighbor's sidewalk
  • Offer to bring up neighbor's mail
  • Shovel neighbor's sidewalk
  • Do odd jobs
  • Activities involving friends!
  • Become a babysitter and have fun playing with a child -- everyone needs to engage in an epic light saber battle every once in awhile

Activities with Friends

  • Call a friend / your mates
  • Phone your friends and invite them over (with parents' permission first)
  • Hang out with a friend
  • Make a new friend
  • Visit someone (with parents' permission first)
  • Plan a sleepover (with parents' permission first)
  • Have a sleepover
  • Get a friend or two and take turns making each other up as movie stars or anyone you can think of.

Skill Games

  • Play skill games
  • Shoot a basketball
  • Play Jacks
  • Jump hurdles in the yard

Play a card/board game by yourself, or with family or friends

  • War
  • Crazy 8's
  • Go Fish


  • Practice the moonwalk
  • Make up a new dance


  • Sing with your favorite artist
  • Make up songs
  • Record yourself
  • sing and dance using your hairbrush clasped in your hand for your 'microphone'

Video / Wii

  • Play video games
  • Find cheats for your video game systems that will make the games fun
  • Play Wii
  • Play DS

Computer Activities

  • Go on the computer; Go online
  • Search random things on Google
  • Make an account on Runescape (fun)
  • Visit free online game websites such as Dizzywood ; boombotworld ; ; ; miniclip.Com ;
  • Look up all the flavors of your favorite multi-flavor food (egice cream)
  • Read other people's comments on your favorite websites and reply to some
  • Go on other cool websites
  • [also known as]
  • Find new online drawing or coloring tools

Electronics, iPod, Ipad, iPhone

  • Use your ipod
  • Text
  • Call a friend
  • Design an App
  • Clear out old messages
  • Add to your contacts list
  • Go online


  • Take pictures of people when they don't notice. Inaction pictures are always cool
  • Pose your dog, cat, dolls, siblings.
  • Organize new photos
  • Crop new photos

Photographs / Scrapbooking

  • (With permission) look at old photos
  • Take new photos
  • Make a scrapbook

Silliness and Unusual Abilities

  • Learn to peel a banana with your feet
  • Tie your shoes with your toes
  • Dress yourself with your elbows
  • Think of the hardest and craziest pose you can think of and do it for half an hour
  • Walk backwards up the stairs
  • Do every action backwards
  • Speak out loud backwards
  • Put a sheet on the floor and let your sibling "feed" you your dinner.
  • See how long you can yawn

Use your imagination and good communication and you can find fun things to do

If you're old enough, you can answer questions on wikianswers.Com! Go on and sign up for or wikianswers to ask and answer questions. But don't waste all your time on the computer.

Letters Notes and Memos
Middle School/Junior High
Primary and Elementary School

Request letter to principal for admission in school?

how to write a request letter to the principal of a school about the admission of my son to the primary school.

UCAS Applications
Percentages, Fractions, and Decimal Values
Primary and Elementary School

In what situation can you use only multiplication to find equivalent fractions to a given fraction?

Well, it depends what the fraction is so mainly the situation is for example if the fraction is 45/34 that wouldn't work because the numerater is larger than the denomenater. I hope this helps you out some!

Job Training and Career Qualifications
Primary and Elementary School

How old are you in kindergarten?

In many contiries it may differ

iam an indian i will tell about india first

in pre kindergarden the age is 2.5

in lower kinder garden is 3

in upper kindergarden is 4

Parenting and Children
Extended Family
Primary and Elementary School

How do know if you are ready for a second child?

Two or three years is a good interval. But, just don't try to have another baby thinking that it will bring you and your husband closer together. Only have another baby if both you and your husband really want another one. Let your husband feel that he can be truthful. Don't make him feel that he has to say 'Yes' just to keep from having a fight with you, or because that is what he thinks that you want him to say. If both of you don't truly feel that you are ready and prepared, you will likely just have problems.

I don't know that there is any specific, scientific, absolutely correct answer, but I can say this. I have known, in my mind, that I wanted a second child since I had my first. I do recognize that my husband and I need to be prepared in our lives for that commitment, but the actual decision is much more emotional, more of a gut feeling, so to speak. I do believe that a women knows if she should bear a child and when, that our bodies are made to cue us in that way. Again, discuss it with and have the support of your significant other, but, other than that, trust your instinct and remember that things should be much easier the second time around. You have experience!

From a health standpoint, it is dangerous to turn around a month or so after the first and conceive again. From a developmental standpoint, kids born farther apart aren't as close, or the older has adjustment issues and the younger can be more clingy.

But really, it's all about personal decision. When you are ready, you know.

In some parts of the world it is believed there should be a gap of three years between children. Not that I would ever want another one, but physically and mentally I only felt like my old self after exactly 3 years.

I had my second child 27 months after the first. So my two are roughly two years apart. I knew that I was ready for another. I would watch my child and she looked so lonely when at home. Sure she had dozens of friends to play with, but when a home, she would play sadly by herself. She wasn't the only one who wanted the presence of a new one in the house.

Some women use to tell me that your body would tell you that you are ready for another. I didn't believe it until I was ready to have another! Having a baby was all that I thought about, I would dream about babies, I would go through the baby section of a department store and browse through the clothes. I started behaving like a woman that was prepping for a child eg: mass home improvements, relentless cleaning, etc. The old wives call this "nesting". When I was ready, I discussed it with my husband, and the rest is family history. Now my family is complete. I have a girl and a boy.

But of course if the time comes when you want another, you will know too. No one can really tell a person what is best for them. But your present living and economic situation must be taken into consideration before expanding more. Ex. Your house size and family income. Another tip: KEEP ALL BABY CLOTHES FROM YOUR FIRST CHILD! This helps tremendously. And if you don't mind "hand-me-downs", purchase big lots of baby clothes on Ebay.

High School
Middle School/Junior High
Primary and Elementary School

What are seven reasons not to talk in class?

Primarily because it is incredibly rude unless you are called upon.

1. You get yelled at.

2. could get detention

3. sent to principle's office

4. Teacher or whoever might talk to your parents and get severe consequence.

5. someone might tell the teacher that your talking

6. could go on report making you stay back a year

7. could go on permanent record

Primary and Elementary School

How do you say kindergarten in Canadian?

You spell it fiferdoon

Parenting and Children
Primary and Elementary School

How do you know if your child is ready for kindergarten?

Your local schools should have tests that your child can take to see if he or she is academically ready. However, many children are academically ready, but not emotionally or socially ready. You can talk to a counselor or a friend about your child's social skills too, but trust your instincts. You know your child better than anyone and if you don't think that she is emotionally or socially ready she probably isn't. Another good thing to do is to look at your child's birth date. If he or she is going to be the youngest in the class, it may be better to wait a year. Sometimes waiting that extra year is all a child needs to be more confident about school.

Decade - 1980s
Primary and Elementary School
Brooklyn NYC

What is the history of PS 106 in Brooklyn?

I lived at 248 Cornelia St. right across from the school and I know that when my father went to it as a kid it was supossed to be torndown and my father would have been 82 this past month. I remember that when the weather was cold we had recess in the dungeon like basement and when it was warm we went out to the school yard. I think that the building was made of red sandstone. Every Tuesday and Thursday were assembly days and we had to wear a white top, red scarf or tie and navy pants or skirts. If you or Melissa want to know more let me know.


I attended P.S. 106 from the 4th grade through the sixth grade. However, in the 1947-48 school year my class did the 5th and 6th grade in one year which resulted in my starting the 7th grade at age 11.

I remember the courtyard but most of all, I remember the attic. Our teacher, Miss Helen Rutledge would take us up there on rainy or snowy days and we would have "music appreciation".

The walls were lined with pictures of musical instruments and in one corner of the room was a large victrola (that's right - victrola). Miss Rutledge would play various pieces of classical music and ask us to listen and identify what instruments were being played. Some of the songs I remember are Barcarole, Humoresque (by Dvorak), Swan Lake, Night on Bald Mountain, Moonlight Sonata - and more. I owe my appreciation of classical music to that lady and to that experience since I had never heard classical music at home.

I also remember many of my classmates names - Rosemary Schultz (my first girlfriend), Benedict Martino, Duane Bosling, Etta Koeing, Frances McGowan. Hey, as I look back on it, it was one of the best and most fruitful learning periods of my life.

Childcare and Babysitting
Primary and Elementary School

If you have a four year old student who cries for 15 minutes every morning after her parents drop her off how can you get her to stop crying?

make a mailbox for her and write mom and dad on the side yave her draw pictures for them and she can tell you what she wants to write in her letter to them and you can write it she will feel much better about leaving her parents

Word and Phrase Origins
Primary and Elementary School

What language does the word kindergarten originate from?

It comes from German, it literally means 'children's garden'.

Primary and Elementary School

Where did pink go for elementary school?

she was homeschooled ... u arshole

Politics and Government
Society and Civilization
Primary and Elementary School

List of name of a scientist?

Alessandro Volta
Albert Einstein
Blaise Pascal
George Boole
CR Rao
Rene Descartes
SN Bose
Sophie Germain
Srinivasa Ramanujan
Stephen Hawking
Thales of Miletus
Albert Michelson
Andre Marie Ampere
C. V. Raman
Ernest Rutherford
Enrico Fermi
Henri Becquerel
Hermann Helmholtz
JJ Thomson
James Chadwick
Lise Meitner
Louis de Broglie
Mary Curie
Mary Leaky
Max Planck
Michael Faraday
Niels Bohr
Werner Heisenberg
Wilhelm Roentgen
Wolfgang Pauli
Charles Darwin
Emil Fischer
Hans Krebs
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier
Harold Clayton Urey
Henry Cavendish
Humphry Davy
John Dalton
John C. Kendrew
Joseph Priestley
Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Louis Pasteur
William Ramsay
Alexander Fleming
Paul Ehrlich
Robert Koch
Robert Boyle
Barbara McClintock
Camillo Golgi
Francis Crick
Frederick Sanger
Gregor Johann Mendel
Hargobind Khurana
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
James Sumner
James Watson
Thomas Hunt Morgan
Wendell Meredith Stanley
William Harvey
Alexander Graham Bell
Alfred B. Nobel
Galileo Galilei
George Stephenson
Jagadish Chandra Bose
James Watt
Louis Jean Lumiere
Nikola Tesla
Samuel Morse
Thomas Edison
Wright Brothers
Karl Landsteiner
Carolus Linnaeus
Edward Jenner
Frederick Banting

Jonas Edward Salk

Joseph Lister

Ronald Ross

Sigmond froyd

all the famous scientist

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Nursery Rhymes
Secondary Education
Primary and Elementary School

Sample of brief lesson plan?

as it is... brief, means a type of a lesson plan which is simple and short... easy to understand. :D

Math and Arithmetic
Primary and Elementary School

What is the product of 3 and 5?

15 is the answer. Product is what you get when you multiply two or more numbers together. In this case, the factors are 3 and 5.

3 x 5 = 15 (product)

If there are more than one factors, the order in which they are multiplied has no effect on the product. This is the Commutative Law of Multiplication.

Colleges and Universities
High School
Primary and Elementary School

What are some things to do when you're bored in school?

There are several things to do in class, but how can you get bored? With a teacher teaching, with a goofball in your class, with a girl that is a tomboy doing spitballs at the teacher without her knowing is wide entertainment, unfortunately, not all of us have that. A great thing to do in class is pay attention and learn, that's the point of school you know.

Yes, school IS boring sometimes. But you should still listen to the teacher and do your work. In life, sometimes you are just going to have to suck it up. And if you pay attention in class it will REALLY help you out in real life. If your looking for something to do during recess, you can play with the sports equipment, and maybe even make up your own game. Or you can stay inside (if allowed) and go to the computer lab, library, or any other area your allowed to be in during recess. Or you can just chill with your friends.

So we suggest that in class you:

  • Pay Attention.
  • Focus on learning!
  • Realize that education is not your right, nor is it your punishment. It is to help you live well as an adult.
  • Keep redirecting your thoughts back to the lecture.
  • Learn to delay what you want. (Just like we all delay having to go to the bathroom.)
  • Make yourself a personal challenge: Really pay attention for 15 minutes! Look at the clock---now you have 1 minute to look around the room. Then pay attention for 15 minutes. Anything is endurable for 15 minutes.
  • Pay attention to when you ARE interested. Figure out what makes that interesting, and seek more of those opportunities.
  • Think about your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa when they were your age. How do you imagine they got through a class... practice the skills of patience and maturity.
  • Imagine how many hours your teacher had to go to classes, even boring classes! Then, give extra respect that your teacher did all that, just for the ability to teach you.
  • Pretend you already have straight A's, so it is very important to pay attention so you keep that GPA! (If you don't have A's, just by paying attention you will improve your grades!)
  • Hope that school will be over soon.
  • I enjoy singing or humming so quietly to myself so no one else can hear.

Otherwise, there are some devious ideas. However, these are ones apt to get you in big, big trouble!

  • Look around the room
  • Pass notes with a friend.
  • Make a funny joke appropriate for teachers and students, kind of like a class clown.
  • Do spitballs at the teacher when she/he is turned around.
  • Draw in a notebook.
  • Organize your desk.
  • Talk to a student nearby.
  • Play with some stuff in your desk.
  • Draw
  • Doodle
  • i have three holes in my paper I draw around them like putting an ice cream cone under it and stuff like that.
  • Sleep
  • Start dancing when the teacher is not in the room, and then keep doing it, even when you know that the teacher is coming.
  • Tell a friend to look at you and then look at him with a funny face or say something funny then he'll laugh. Then the teacher will hear and he will get detention.
  • Try Foot Tennis first you tap your foot and then your mate taps their foot straight after then you tap your foot again straight away and then you just keep on going and try not to get bored.
  • Think of at least 200 things to do at home.
Oprah Winfrey
Primary and Elementary School

Did Oprah skip kindergarten and second grade?

Oprah Gail Winfrey did skip kindergarten and second grade because of her knowledge.

Mental Health
Primary and Elementary School

What can I do when I'm bored?

I took other people's advice and am answering random questions!

When I'm bored I cook something or make something. I sing a song or have a shower and hide somewhere for hours till mum comes and finds me.

I go on face book, but if you don't have one, then i suggest you make one; if my mom is on the computer then I normally play wii sports or Rock Band 2. One thing I really like doing is listening to my ipod and dancing around my room or my whole house (but I normally get yelled at for shaking the floor when ever i jump up and down). Well, it's a very good exercise and its fun too. If you don't have a face book or a wii or an ipod then you can do yoga.

Read a book. If you don't have one, the library is full of a thousand types of books, and you can borrow them for free. They have everything from fashion design, lives of kings and queens, famous people, rich people, ordinary people, consumer information, romance stories, fact or fiction, adventure stories, fact or fiction, murder mysteries, fact or fiction, history of dance, history of guns, history of the circus, history of everything or anything. I'm sure that they have books about something that you're interested in. Next time your out and about, stop by an pick up a couple and then you'll have something ready when the computer isn't available or you're bored with it.

Why not try writing a journal, story or poem.

Well, there is loads of things to do from staying and playing on your computer to going outside and take a walk.


I got some things from a website. Here they are.

1. Look up urban legends, and/or ghost stories in your town. Investigate!

2. If you live in a city with public transport (bus, train, subway), plan a trip using the transit system. Take some friends along for company, or just enjoy the ride and people-watch!

3. Get yourself a roll of quarters and find a video arcade.

4. Strike up a conversation with a total stranger.

5. Learn to tie sailors' knots.

6. Volunteer. It's fun and you'll get good karma. :o)

7. Hang out with old people. They have great stories and sometimes need the company.

8. Perform random acts of kindness.

9. Find out all the great touristy places in your city. Now spend the day being a tourist!

10. Try geocaching.

11. Check out the local art scene. Attend a gallery opening.

12. Become a babysitter and have fun playing with a child - everyone needs to engage in an epic light saber battle every once in awhile!

13. Try to beat 20Q.

14. Go fly a kite.

15. Give yourself a facial. Or a total make-over.

16. Try brewing your own beer. Or make your own wine.

17. Google everyone you knew in high school.

18. If you like building, making, and/or creating things, find something on Instructables to make.

19. Check out a sketchy ethnic restaurant in your area. You might find a gem or you might get food poisoning. Either way, it's the stuff stories are made of. Plus, you'll be able to say "I know this great little _____ place."

20. Take all the cushions off your couch and some blankets from your bed and build a fort.

21. Be someone else for a few hours. Put on a hat, fake beard and eyeglasses and walk around town.

22. Go for a walk. Explore your neighborhood. You're bound to find gardens, shops, restaurants, art, or other random bits of wonderfulness you didn't even know were there.

23. Choose a movie to see based on the roll of the dice. Open a newspaper or web browser to your local movie listings. Roll the dice. If, for example, you roll a three, go see the third movie in the listings.

24. Read a book. Try one that someone has recommended but that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.

25. Start a blog.

26. Learn to play a musical instrument. Take up the ukulele.

27. Spend some time browsing in the public library.

28. Have coffee in a bookstore. Sit in one of their super-comfy armchairs. Read one of their books.

29. Window shop. Or, shop for windows. Whichever.

30. Go to a gun range and try out some rental pistols.

31. Interview someone. Local history organizations often need people to conduct interviews and transcribe oral histories that might otherwise be lost.

32. Document your day in photographs.

33. Treat yourself to a manicure. Or a pedicure.

34. Grab a partner and hit the racquetball or tennis court.

35. Facebook-stalk people from your past.

36. Try the assignments at Learning to Love You More.

37. Release a book into the wild.

38. Get yourself a fake buddy.

39. Exchange postcards with a stranger.

40. Order something from The Something Store.

41. Wash your dog. Try washing your cat.

42. Cut out photos and paste them on Popsicle sticks. Have a puppet show.

43. Learn to peel a banana with your feet.

44. Have a movie marathon. Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies. Or all of the Star Wars films. Or the Indiana ... you get the idea.

45. Turn on the T.V., put it on mute and make up dialogue. Or mute the TV and play music. It's funny to see how the music "matches up" with what's happening on-screen.

46. Go dumpster diving and see what you can find.

47. Make faces at strangers to make them laugh.

48. Take your TV outside. While you're at it, take your favorite comfy chair or couch outside too!

49. Watch kids play - and then join in.

50. Sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.

51. Skip rather than walk.

52. Join the summer reading program at your local library. Who cares if it's just for kids?

53. Plant a garden. Or some potted plants.

54. Pack a fun lunch and go to the park. Play Frisbee.

55. Decorate blank t-shirts.

56. Set up a Slip 'N Slide in your back yard. Invite the whole neighborhood!

57. Spend a day at the beach.

58. Make lemonade from lemons.

59. Set up a hammock in your yard. Use it!

60. Make your own ice cream.

61. Create a masterpiece on your driveway with sidewalk chalk.

62. Have a water balloon fight. Or a sponge ball fight.

63. Help produce the 1 Second Film.

64. Watch presentations on slideshare.

65. Write a one-sentence story.

66. Learn how to make raspberry jam, how to make fortune cookies, how to fix a bicycle chain, how to start a small business, and more!

67. Visit a museum. Or visit an online museum.

68. Go bowling.

69. Blow bubbles.

70. Build a campfire and make s'mores. Or banana boats.

71. Decorate a pair of flip-flops.

72. Gather some old dry bread crusts and feed the birds. Or go to a lake or pond and feed the ducks.

73. Go on a hike.

74. Research your family tree.

75. Go to a farmer's market.

76. Start a scrapbook.

77. Learn to crochet. Or knit.

78. Star gaze. Or visit a science center or planetarium.

79. Lie on the grass and look at cloud shapes.

80. Build a sandcastle.

81. Plant a tree.

82. Bake cookies. Put them in pretty containers and deliver them to your friends.

83. Rent a projector, hang a white sheet in your backyard and have a backyard movie night.

84. Have a pillow fight.

85. Clean up trash in a local park. Or pick up trash on your block.

86. Paint your bedroom a new color.

87. Learn to juggle.

88. Start a collection.

89. Record a funny new greeting for your voice mail.

90. Buy part of the moon.

91. Make cookies!

92. Glue money to the floor and watch people try to pick it up.

93. Go into a building and set all the clocks ahead one hour (or behind, if you're really bold).

94. Write a novel.

95. Build things out of cans of food. Donate them to a food bank afterwards.

96. Watch a familiar DVD dubbed in a foreign language.

97. Learn a new language. Or learn sign language!

98. Write a letter to a friend. On paper! Don't forget to mail it.

99. Clean out your closet.

100. Rearrange your furniture.

101. Make a list. (Maybe a list of things to do when you're bored!)

102. Bother your parents.

103. call, text, or hang out with your friends.

Here are somethings now that I like to do.

Primary and Elementary School

How do you survive elementary school?

Attend your classes and avoid running with scissors As a middle school student, who has been through it all, here is some real help.(Please! Running with scissors?!) 1. Socialize with as many people as you can, because then they'll get to know you better, and won't be xenophobic kids that label you as a nerd, or self-conceited person. Not only that but the people who bully you no matter what, you can easily deal with because of your numerous amount of friends. 2.Talk your problems out with your loved ones. It helps to take them off your chest. Like for when you've had a terrible tortorous day. In the words of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger." Any more advice just go on my web page. Answer Stay away from the gossip! The more you get into it, the more fights, cries, screams, etc. goes on. If someone tells you a rumor, stay out of it. You can lose best friends if you don't and the more tention going on in your head, the less focus you put into your school work because all you can think about is rumors. Soon you'll be flunking, dropping out of school, and living on the street.

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What are the types of instructional materials for classroom use?

all the
1)audio aids
2)visual aids
3) audio-visual aids


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