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Q: Can people with leukemia get shingles vaccine?
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How long to wait between flu vaccine and shingles vaccine?

interval- flu vaccine and the shingles vaccine

Will the shingles vaccine protect you from ever getting shingles?

Shingles vaccine protects you from the shingles for few years only.

Can you get the shingles vaccine after having shingles?

You could get the vaccine if you already had shingles; but it may not help you from recurrence of zoster, which by the way is less than 5%. If it does recur, the vaccine may help you.

Can chickenpox vaccine prevent shingles by cryosurgery?

Those who have had chickenpox vaccine have a lower risk of shingles, but you can talk with your health care provider about getting shingles vaccine. I have no idea what cryosurgery has to do with shingles.

Does Anthem BC BS cover the Shingles vaccine?

Starting in 2013 Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield now covers the shingles vaccine. The shingles vaccine prevents shingles, which is a painful skin lesions.

What facilities sell shingles vaccine?

Ask your doctor about where to get a shingles vaccine. It is growing in popularity in recent years, especially among older people, and may also be available in your local pharmacy.

What are the steps in getting a vaccine for shingles prevention?

First of all, it is recommended that you are age 60 or above. the Shingles prevention vaccine is a one-time vaccination. Talk to your healthcare professional about the Shingles vaccine.

If you are vaccinated against chickenpox can you still get shingles?

No, there is no reason to get chickenpox vaccine if you've had shingles. You should talk with your health care provider about shingles vaccine.

What good can a vaccine be if one has had chickenpox?

Chickenpox vaccine isn't needed if you've had chickenpox in the past. Shingles vaccine is recommended for patient 60 and over to prevent shingles.

Should you get shingles vaccine when you have shingles?

Yes, shingles vaccine is recommended for patients 60 and over whether they remember having chickenpox or not (see related link). You still could get shingles even if you don't remember having chickenpox.

Where can I get Shingle Vaccine in Cleveland Oh?

where can I get the shingles vaccine in Cleveland oh

Can you get the shingles vaccine if you have the shingles now?

No. Vaccines are to prevent diseases, not cure or treat them.