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Pigs Vomit?Yes. Pigs vomit for various reasons just like humans. In fact the hog has a system that is most closely related to humans than almost any other mammal. This is because the size of a pig at a certain point is same size as that of humans. Pigs can get digestive upset like humans, viruses, ulcers, and yes sometimes they eat too fast and throw up. There are certain diseases that cause pigs to vomit and I could name them but humans tend to keep these diseases under control with vaccines and other means.
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Can a guina pig throw up a stomach part?

No, Guinea pigs do not throw anything up. If they have something stuck, they do a kind of hiccup to get rid of it.

Can guinea pigs throw up?

No. If they get food stuck in their throat they will hiccup to try to get it dislodged. If it is farther down in their system it has to pass through their body. No, they physically can't throw up.

Can pigs ever fly?

Alone no, but if you throw it forward in the air, maybe it can......

How do you regurgitate?

to throw up to throw up

Can raccoons throw up?

Yes, raccoons can throw up.

Do horses throw-up?

No, horses are designed in such a way that they cannot throw-up

Do hamsters throw up when they are pregnant?

No hamsters do not throw up when they are pregnant.

Why do guinea pigs shake their heads?

Some guinea pigs shake there heads left and right if there ticklish. If they throw back there heads that means they don't like what your doing to them.

Does pig eat their poop?

Sometimes Guinea Pigs do eat their poop, and that can be because they are trying to refill something in their stomach that needs to filled.This can cause orange liquid or brown liquid in their cage. And they might be hiccuping because Guinea Pigs cant throw Up.Thanks!!

Can porcupines throw up?

pretty sure all animals can throw up

Do snakes throw up bones?

no snakes don't throw up bones

Home remedies to make you throw up?

Nausa and feeling the need to throw up but can't, what are some home remedies to make me throw up?

Do you poop when you throw up?

yes, most of the time do poop out of your rectum when you have a stomach virus, or throw up. It is possible not to poop when you throw up though.

What caused you to throw up yellow liquid?

When you throw up yellow liquid, it is usually just bile or mucus. You throw it up when it just has to come out.

How do you throw a change up?

You throw it how you would throw a two seam fastball but you right before you throw it you flick your wrist downward so it changes up.

Do pigs have front teeh?

yes and pigs have up to 44 teeth

How old do pigs to be?

pigs can live up to 15 years old

What is throw up graffiti?

To "throw up" is to "tag" something. It means to put up a graffiti piece.

How do you make a cat throw-up?

you let it lick its fur and it will throw up sooner or later

Why do cows throw up their food?

They don't throw it up, they regurgitate it to rechew it as cud.

How do anorexic people throw up?

Anorexics don't eat. Bulimics throw up.

What foods can make you throw up?

mustard mixed with water will make you throw up

How do you make snake throw up?

by scaring it. the snake will throw up what it just ate

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