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How do dart frogs poisen their prey?

in a pond?

Are blue poisen frogs a mammal?

It is an amphibian.

What plant does the poisen dart frog eat?

No frogs eat plants. Poison dart frogs get their poison from fire ants.

How long would it take for 100 people to catch 100 frogs when 5 people need 5 minutes to catch 5 frogs?

1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes). 5 people take 5 minutes, 1 person takes 1 minute, so 100 people take 100 minutes to complete the task of catching 100 frogs.

If 29 frogs are required to catch 29 flies in 29 minutes then how many frogs are required to catch 87 flies in 87 minutes?


How people help frogs?

people don't help frogs

How long would it take 100 storks to catch 100 frogs when 5 storks need 5 minutes to catch 5 frogs?

5 minutes

Do people eat frogs?

Yes, people eat frogs, but no poisonous frogs. It is a big delicacy is France!

Are poisen dart frogs prey of other animals?

In the wild they prey upon a lot of fire ants and small beetles. In captivity, owners commonly feed them wingless fruit-flies.

Can African clawed frogs live out of water?

no! they will die in minutes

Do frogs have long intestines?

You should just have the stuff with people, not frogs.

Do frogs eat people food?

Frogs do not generally eat people food. Frogs tend to eat insects like flies and simple plants in their environment.

What is a Green tree frogs heart rate?

173 beats per minutes

Why are frogs endangered?

Frogs are endangered because of deforestation and people not taking care of our environment. :)

Do Japanese eat frogs?

Japanese dont eat frogs. They eat their own people

Do frogs give warts?

Frogs have always fascinated humans. One folktale warns that people get warts by touching frogs. (This is not true.) So No.

Do bullfrogs eat other frogs?

well some people say that frogs will eat other frogs. but a lot of scientist think that they will not do that unless they have to.

How are frogs hunted?

people go frog giggin. they either stab at frogs with a sharp stick or they catch them by hand. professionals rais the frogs so they dont hav to go get the frogs.

Wow does frogs solves or cause problems for people?

frogs both solve and cause problems.

What are the myths about frogs?

Frogs AND toads give you warts. People say that, but it's just a myth.

Do frogs scare everyone?

No frogs only scare people if you scare them . Plus if you are scared of them they will scare you .

How long can dwarf frogs stay under water?

African Dwarf Frogs can stay in water forever but they can only stay above water for 15-20 minutes

Why do people eat frogs legs?

Some people like it.

How are people in cha dlive?

people like frogs alot

How Poison Dart frogs kill people?

they poison people