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Can pregnancy symptoms come and go in early pregnancy?


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Yes some people do experience this in their pregnancy.

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Early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are spotting that does not go away, and pain on the side where the ectopic is. However, these symptoms mimick normal pregnancy symptoms. It is difficult to diagnose an ectopic any earlier than 4 weeks.

Yes, You will feel symptoms when you have them to feel.

It is absolutely normal. If they didn't come and go, they would drive you crazy!

That all depends on what your symptoms are. Some come and go where as some will stay with you throughout your pregnancy.

In my wifes experience, they usually do.

yes and your mind can play tricks on you as well!

Yes. It is common for pregnancy symptoms to be stronger one day and less the next. The abscence of any pregnancy symptoms after a positive pregnancy test should be talked over with your doctor though.

During early pregnancy there have been cases reported of such functions, if so, breath, it will pass as the pregnancy develops over a 6 month period. If symptoms increase, or continue go to the doctor immediately!!

I have actually had this happen. What happened is it ended up being done to early and I had to go back a couple weeks later to have it turn out to be positive. Hope this helps

no, and if you are having symptoms like you do in pregnancy the you need to go to ur doctor!

No, and if you believe this is ccuring i would advise going to see your local gp.

Yes you could have tested too early. Go to your doctor and they may give you a blood test to confirm pregnancy.

you can get pregenant and have no symptoms. because it can come at any stage of pregnancy. the best thing to do if you are worryed is go to a docter and they will help you from there. best luck.

I felt symptoms as early as the first week...cramps, urges to go to the bathroom and a bloated feeling in my pelvic area (was told my uterus was expanding). Not to forget the "sleeping" syndrome and sensitivity to smell.

A period during pregnancy is not hereditary however it is never a normal period. It's simply a light period or vaginal bleeding. Pregnancy symptoms are not hereditary. Every woman will experience different pregnancy symptoms and the same woman may have different symptoms in different pregnancies. There are things that go on during pregnancy which can be symptomatic and hereditary, but these are separate from the symptoms which indicate pregnancy.

You can be. Typically pregnancy symptoms come and go. If you are concerned, call your OB/GYN. They deal with this all of the time and can see if they can hear a heartbeat.

It can be normal to bleed during the early parts of pregnancy but not blood clots. I suggest you go to your doctor asap and tell them whats going on.

A tubal ectopic pregnancy is usually discovered sometime between the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy, but can be noticed as early as four weeks into a pregnancy. If there a no symptoms of a tubal pregnancy, it may go unnoticed until a first trimester ultrasound.

Ectopic pregnancies are usually diagnosed within the first 2 months of pregnancy, possibly before you know you are pregnant. The symptoms may be mild or they may be severe and dangerous. They can be the same as the symptoms of early pregnancy or other less serious conditions. Possible symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are: 1. missed period or abnormal bleeding 2. pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis 3. symptoms of pregnancy such as breast tenderness or morning sickness.

If the miscarriage is only suspected then it may not have been a miscarriage at all and the symptoms will not go away. However if it was a miscarriage, pregnancy symptoms may go before the bleeding starts or may not go for a week or so after.

Most women have heard of the typical symptoms of pregnancy such as a missed period and morning sickness, but what about the lesser known symptoms of early pregnancy? Though pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman, there are a few surprising side effects of early pregnancy that many women experience. This page will provide information about how to recognize unusual early pregnancy signs. Believe it or not, one of the more common, though little suspected symptoms of early pregnancy, is nasal congestion. While it could be due to the common cold, nasal congestion could indicate the early stages of pregnancy. Another common phenomenon is nosebleeds. If pregnancy is a possibility while experiencing either of these symptoms, check with your doctor. Pregnancy hormones can also be blamed for an odd metallic taste in the mouth. This unpleasant side effect usually presents itself in the earliest stages of pregnancy. Sometimes referred to as “Metal mouth”, this symptom is one of the lesser-known forms of early pregnancy symptoms. Another strange symptom affecting the mouth is the production of excess saliva. This excess saliva can unfortunately increase the nausea associated with pregnancy. Unusual symptoms affecting the body include the sudden appearance of spider veins, typically on the upper arms and the chest. This is due to the increase in blood being carried to vital parts of the body. Leg cramps are another early pregnancy symptom. Often the cramps can be painful enough to wake a woman from a sound sleep. It is commonly thought that these cramps are due to lack of calcium or potassium in the diet. If pregnancy is suspected, a quality prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement should be taken. When leg cramps occur, try massaging the affected area or gently stretching. Some of the unusual early pregnancy symptoms that affect the skin are the development of excess facial hair or changes in skin pigmentation. Women who are in the earliest stages of pregnancy will often notice blotchiness or the darkening of birthmarks. These changes will typically go away one the baby is delivered. Though these symptoms are unusual, they are all simply a part of early pregnancy and should not be cause for alarm.

It is definitely possible for an at home pregnancy test to be wrong. It can depend on the type of test or you could have taken it too early. Wait a little longer and go to the doctor.

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