Can pregnant women travel to hill station in first month?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Can pregnant women travel to hill station in first month?
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Can you have your period the first month and still be pregnant?


Can someone get their period the first month of pregnancy?

Yes. But second month you can't get it if you are pregnant. :)

Can you get your period the first month you get pregnant?

If you are having a period, you re not pregnant. You cannot be pregnant until after your last period.

What are good vacation ideas for six month pregnant wife?

If someone is pregnant, it would be a good idea to stay near home, and no plane travel.

Is it possible to get pregnant in a month?

Yes you can get lucky and get it right the first time trying.

Can you get pregnant if you only took the pill for 1 month?

After you stop the pill, normal fertility will resume in 2-4 weeks, so you can get pregnant in the first month after stopping the pill.

Do your breasts get hard during the first month or two when pregnant?

I have been pregnant on two occassions. On both occassions the first signs of pregnancy were sore breasts.

How many months is 27 weeks pregnant?

27 weeks pregnant starts the first week of your 7th month. The 7th month consist of weeks 27-30.

Why do you see systoms of pregnant for the first month and get period on the next month?

would you be pregnet if you havent had your period for 3 months now

How often does a pregnant woman need to go to the doctor?

Once a month for the first 6months then twice a month the next two months then the last month once a week

What days of the month cant a girl get pregnant?

There are no days of a month where a girl is guranteed to not get pregnant

Do you have a lot of gas before you find out your pregnant?

Not necessarily. If we talk about the first month you usually have no symptoms.