Can pretzels aggravate gout

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Q: Can pretzels aggravate gout
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Does whiskey aggravate gout?


Are pretzels okay to eat if you have gout?

I am not sure, but he possibility that sour dough pretzels might have higher levels of year may be a problem. I suffer from gout, and I beleive eating pretzels might be contributing to my recent flare up that is taking a long tome to go away. I had been eating several large pretzels almost every day, and my gout which usually goes away within a day or two has persisted. I have stoped eating these pretzels. I will see if it affects my conditi N.

Drinking burbon aggravate gout?

Yes alcoholic beverages especially those made with yeast in them should be avoided. It seems that only rum and vodka are safe drinks.

Is alcohol high in uric acid or purines?

In and of itself, no. But some alcohol-containing substances are very high in substances that aggravate gout - most notably, some red wines.

What part of speech is aggravate?

Aggravate is a verb.

What is the Romanian word for aggravate?

to aggravate = a agrava

What parts of speech is aggravate?

Aggravate is a verb.

Pretzels have gluten?

Yes, Pretzels have Gluten. but you can get Gluten Free Pretzels.

What is the name for pretzels in German?

pretzels = Brezeln pretzels = Brezen (Bavaria and Austria)

What is the history of soft pretzels who invented pretzels who made pretzels?

2015 at my house

What are pretzels without salt called?

Pretzels without salt are called pretzels

Can you give me a sentences that has the word aggravate?

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