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No, as long as it's guaranteed non-cancellable and renewable. If you've qualified for SSI then you ought to be collecting under your DI policy too. Some policies will deduct the amount you receive from SSI when they make their benefit payment to you. It's calculated in the rates, so they are not cheating you. Many companies will also, at a charge pay you the SDI (State Disabilty and Social Security Benefit, if you are NOT receiving it - at an additional charge. When the companies issue - underwrite your policy they take into consideration that you may qualify for SSI and that's why then generally only insure up to 50% of income.

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Q: Can private disability insurance drop you after you receive SSI?
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Do the proposed health care bills require you to drop your private insurance after 5 years?

No, you can keep your insurance.

Can Michigan employer drop your medical insurance while on short term disability?

Yes, unless you pay/reimburse the employer for the insurance premium out of your own pocket.

How many years does it take before you can drop a private mortgage insurance?

It's not a matter of time. When you have equity of 20% or more of the total asset, you can petition the mortgage provider to drop its requirement for the insurance.

When should you drop your disability insurance?

Probably once you have enough retirement savings. Otherwise, it is one of the most valuable possessions you own and should be cherished not dropped.

Can a person collect unemployment benefits while on short term disability in IL?

Private Disability Insurance Private disability insurance includes sickness and accident payments, long-term disability, and short-term disability. This insurance is usually part of a benefits package at work. If you are currently receiving sickness and accident payments, you are still eligible for Pennsylvania work comp payments. Keep in mind: * If your employer pays the premium on your private disability insurance, the amount of your work comp payment will be reduced by the amount of your private disability payment. * If you pay the premium for your private disability insurance, your work comp payment will not be reduced. Unemployment Compensation A person who applies for unemployment compensation must: * be unemployed through no fault of their own (ex. Didn't quit their job) * be able to work * be available to work * register at a Job Service Office * have worked a minimum number of weeks during the year * have earned a minimum amount in wages during the year Whether or not a person continues to receive unemployment compensation is determined each week. If you are already receiving PA workers comp payments, there is really never any reason to receive unemployment compensation. Your work comp payment will be reduced based on your gross unemployment compensation payment. Example: If you are receiving $400 per week in workers compensation payments and you apply for $400 per week in unemployment, your workers compensation will drop to $0. In addition, the $400 in unemployment compensation will be taxable while the workers compensation payment was not taxable. Unemployment compensation may be an option if the amount of your unemployment benefits after taxes exceeds the amount of your work comp payment. This could possibly happen if you were injured after a short time on a low-paying job but had previously worked for a longer period at a higher paying job. Also, if your Pennsylvania work comp payments are being disputed (such that you are not currently receiving work comp payments), it makes sense to collect unemployment for something to live on during the dispute. Once you begin to receive work comp, any past due work comp payments will be reduced by the amount of unemployment payments you received during that time period

Can husband drop wife from insurance if not divorced?

can a husband drop wife from insurance if not divorced.

When does Medicare become the primary insurance?

Medicare becomes the primary insurance if you drop your employer insurance. Up until you drop your employer insurance, Medicare would be your secondary insurance.

What age does car insurance drop for young males?

Car Insurance Rates Drop After Age 25

Can your employer drop your insurance when you are out of work for an injury?

I presume your asking about Medical/Health Insurance? If you are out of work for a work-related injury [ie. you're on work comp] your company can terminate your medical/health insurance. I don't think it applies to short-term or long-term disability as those are health/medical benefits to begin with.

Is it illegal for a homeowners insurance company to drop you?

No, it is not illegal for a homeowners insurance company to drop you. But they have to follow the rules for cancellations and non-renewals for the state they are operating in. For example, in Louisiana, if you have been with your homeowners insurance company for 3 years, they can't drop you. In Florida your homeowners insurance company can drop or cancel you but they must meet the minimum notification timeframes.

How do you drop sr-22 insurance in Washington state?

You don't have to drop your auto insurance. Just notify your insurance company that you are no longer need the SR22 filing and they can remove it from your policy.

Whats a drop on dragonfable?

A drop is an item that you receive free from finishing a quest.

After a DWAI conviction is it wise to drop your insurance during the revocation period?

Well, sadly, probably after a DWAI conviction your insurance will find it wise to drop you.

Can a insurance company charge a change in policy fee every time you add or drop a vehicle?

If you change vehicles on your policy it will create a difference in insurance premium. You will receive a bill or a refund for the difference in the premium. There is no policy fee just the premium change.

Why drop an auto insurance claim?

Once you submit an auto insurance claim can your provider deny it?

Can you drop you health insurance coverage at anytime from your employer?

Can you drop your health insurance coverage at anytime from your employer?Read more: Can_you_drop_your_health_insurance_coverage_at_anytime_from_your_employer

Can auto insurance company drop an insured person who has a suspended license?

You will just have to contact your insurance company and ask them. Some companies will drop your policy while others will not.

How To Apply For Social Security Disability Insurance?

If you have a disabling medical condition and are unable to work, the U.S. Government has an excellent program to help you out financially. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be a Godsend if you find yourself in dire straights because you cannot work. If you are found to be disabled and your disability continues for at least two years, you will also receive Medicare Health Insurance.What Are The Requirements?To qualify for benefits, you must have a medical condition that prevents you from doing your previous work and also keeps you from doing other work. The disabling condition must be one that will last for at least one year or is expected to end in death.Your inability to work must be total. SSDI does not pay benefits based on short-term or partial disabilities. There’s also a five-month waiting period before benefits can begin. During the waiting period, you must continue to be disabled. If you are entitled to benefits, they will begin in your sixth month of disability.How Do I Apply For Benefits?Visit the Social Security website at and click on Disability Benefits at the top of the page. You’ll be guided through the application process from start to finish. To review the SSDI program and view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), click the drop-down menu under Questions and select Disability. You can also apply for benefits in person at your local Social Security Office.If you believe your disability could last for at least one year, you should apply for benefits immediately. If you regain your ability to work because the condition improves, you can always cancel the application.How Long Does It Take To Get A Decision?It will take from three to six months to receive a decision. If the decision process takes longer, and you are eventually approved for benefits, you will receive retroactive benefits for any months more than five during which you were disabled.Social Security benefits are also available for disabled children under the age of 18. While private disability insurance does not affect an SSDI claim, the benefit amount may be impacted if you receive compensation from public programs like Worker’s Compensation.

Is combined insurance a good company?

Depends on how you define 'good'. Combined Insurance is an 'average' insurance company selling life, supplemental health, accident, and disability coverage. The company also markets to businesses to have it handle the insurance needs for their employees. Combined's latest rating by A.M. Best was an 'A', a drop in ratings from prior years. As the company was recently purchased by ACE Insurance, there may be changes for Combined in the near future. More information can be obtained directly from their website at

Is there a number of accidents for a certain length of time where an insurance company will drop you?

All insurance companies are different with their own set of rules in regard to when you are more of liability and they decide to drop you. Check with your own insurance company for a more specific answer.

Can you drop your son from your insurance if he gets convicted of DUI he does not have a car?

You can drop anyone that is listed as a driver on a car you own and pay for insurance on for any reason. Depending on your insurance company this may avoid them raising the premium on that car due to his DUI.

Does the number of tickets you receive show up on your insurance bill?

Normally not, but the underwriting department of your insurance company generally runs MVR's at policy renewal time and adjust your rates accordingly. Some will even drop you or move you to a high risk carrier in the event of too many infractions.

Can my insurance company drop my insurance in the middle of a claim?

Generally no. Please provide more details. Are you paying the premium?

How will Obama's health care plan effect me if i already have insurance through my mom's work?

Your mom's company will probably drop its current health insurance plan and go with Obama's public option, because the public option is going to be cheaper than private insurance. You'll still have coverage, but being cheaper, it probably won't be as good as what you have now.

Can your health insurance company drop you for being sick?

My understanding is that they can only drop you for a pre-existing condition. They cannot drop you if you get seriously ill after you buy the policy.