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If the yolk is hard it sounds like you cooked it too long. Next time use a pot of water with some vinegar, when gently boiling add the eggs and boil for about 3 minutes (more if you don't want then so runny) then remove with slotted spoon and let dry off for a minute on a paper towel.

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Q: Can properly poached eggs have firm white and hard yolks?
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Which country of origin is the poached egg?

Wherever there are bird or reptilian eggs, there is also egg white.

Does eggs Benedict use shirred eggs?

Eggs Benedict traditionally uses poached eggs. Eggs Florentine may use poached or shirred eggs.

How many eggs yolks in 150 grams?

That is approximately 7.5 yolks from Large eggs.

Are eggs with yolks different from eggs with chicks?

All eggs have yolk. Fertilized eggs will have a little white circle on the yolk. Unfertilized eggs will have an oval instead of a circle on the yolk.

What are the ratings and certificates for Poached Eggs - 2011?

Poached Eggs - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Australasia:E

What is poached eggs with salmon called?

Eggs benedictine

What are whole eggs?

If a recipe calls for whole eggs - it means the yolk & the white (albumen). Some recipes ask for you to just use the yolks.

What are thirty words that relate to buying and cooking eggs?

Some words you might be looking for:Cracking OpenPurchasingCaviarCooking The EggsBuying The EggsEgg LoverScrambled EggsSunny Side UpMexican EggsFried EggsTwo Poached Eggs on toast, break the yolks!There you go! 30 words, exactly.

What food can poached?

Pretty much any food can be poached, it refers to cooking something in a boiling liquid or by steam. It is typically used with something that is delicate and won't stand up well to other cooking methods. Eggs are common. Pears are often poached. Fish and chicken are usually poached in white wine.

What are some animal that are poached?

chicken eggs are quite nice poached, so is salmon

Why are the egg yolks in Japan so orange in color compared with your US egg yolks which are yellow?

Because they feed their chickens differently idkIt all depends on the chicken that is being used.For example white chickens will put out white eggs while colored chickens will give out brown eggs.

What are pouched eggs?

eggs that are cooked different from other ones - Perhaps you mean "poached eggs," which are cooked in boiling water without the shell. The idea is that the egg-white becomes a pocket for the yolk.