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It would be unusual, but as far as I know there's not actually a law against it.

Note also that there's a difference between "punishing a student by lowering his grades" and "giving the student the grade he has earned." If participation in the activity was worth 100 points and the student does not participate, the net effect of losing those 100 points will be to lower the student's grade, but this is NOT "punishment".

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Q: Can public schools lower a student's grades as a punishment for not participating in an activity that could harm the student's health?
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In the united kingdom what can public schools legally do to students?

Corporal punishment is now OUTLAWED in ALL UK schools.

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this is B

When were corporal punishment in schools allowed?

Corporal punishment in schools was first allowed in the late 1950s. Teachers were allowed to use physical ways to get through to their students to help them further their education.

Is it legal to make students write sentences for punishment in NJ schools?

It is ILLEGAL in NYC, considered to be a form of corporal punishment. It is also ineffective.

What is a conclusion about detention?

i strongly agree that detention should not be a punishment in schools,because if you want time off from looking after students i suggest you shoulnt have detention as a punishment.

What is a persuasive conclusion about detention?

i strongly agree that detention should not be a punishment in schools,because if you want time off from looking after students i suggest you shoulnt have detention as a punishment.

What social media activity of students should schools monitor?

It is not that schools should monitor the social media activity of students, it's more about students giving teachers the right to monitor their social activity by being on social media at school. Most schools have policies that forbid the use of social media at school, and even have blockers on some sites like Facebook. Teachers have the right to monitor whether students are violating policies, and whether they are getting around blocks that have been placed on school computers.

Do they use corporal punishment in schools in Australia?

Australian state schools (public schools) do not use corporal punishment. A tiny number of independent schools still use corporal punishment, with the agreement of the parents.

Is it illegal to make students write sentences for punishment in Va schools?

Yes. It is completely legal. Writing is a necessary part of education and to make students who don't like it is a form of punishment that has probably been used as long as language has existed.

When was corporal punishment introduced?

This varies from state to state, and whether or not the school is a state school or a private school.Legislation to ban corporal punishment in all state schools was introduced in New South Wales in 1990, and this extended to private schools in 1997.It was banned in the ACT in 1997, and although the legislation states it is banned in "all schools", it does not explicitly include private schools.Tasmania banned corporal punishment in both public and private schools in 1999.Victoria first banned corporal punishment in public schools in 1989, and this extended to non-government schools in 2006.Queensland banned corporal punishment in state schools in 1995, but it is still legal in private schools.Corporal punishment in government schools in South Australia ended in 1991, but there are still moves to ban it in non-government schools. Interestingly, the legislation covering corporal punishment in both SA and Qld state schools is not actually legally binding, according to a paper published in May 2010.Western Australia abolished corporal punishment in state schools in 1999, but this does not extend to students in private schools.Corporal punishment is not explicitly banned in the Northern Territory, but there are moves in this direction.

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Why should teachers be allowed to hit their students students?

Corporal punishment was used as a disciplinary method is most schools for many years. It has largely been made illegal in most western countries today.