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Gold is a soft element, they add other element to gold to make it more stronger, Yes you can cut real gold - You usually get big scissors to cut gold bars and wires. Jewelry are usually melted in a furnace . Gold melts at around 1100 c .

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Q: Can real gold jewelry be cut?
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Is monet jewelry real gold?

fake gold, nope it's custom jewelry

Is jewelry stamped Korea real gold?

If a piece of gold jewelry is marked Korea does that mean it is not real gold?

Is Victoria wieck jewelry real?

is it real gold or not

Why does some jewelry have real gold?

A LOT of jewelry is made from real gold, and other REAL metals. It's made from real gold to be worth something, something spacial, something that you are proud to wear.

How can you tell if Mexican gold jewelry is real?

You can tell if Mexican gold jewelry is real by looking for a stamp on the metal. Real gold will have 10 kt, 14kt, 18kt, 24kt stamped into it.

If the gold jewelry is stamped on the jewelry how do you know if the rest of the jewelry is real?

There is Assay offices who can check gold or silver purity and give report.

Is all decesare jewelry real gold jewelry?

Actually, it appears to be vermiel, which is gold plate over sterling silver.

Why is Real gold jewelry making my neck go green?

your 'real' gold will not be real, it will be gold plated. the other metals in your jewellery will be marking your neck.

Can you tell if gold jewelry is real with a magnet?


How can you identify how much gold is worth?

Place your gold jewelry near a magnet. Real gold is not magnetic; if your jewelry pulls toward the magnet, it is fake.

What does it mean when gold jewelry turns brassy?

I believe it means that it is not real gold.

What does 14kb mean on jewelry?

The meaning of 14 kb on jewelry is 14 karat bonded. The jewelry is bonded gold plated and does not register as real on gold testers.

Are real diamonds set in jewelry that is gold electroplated?

diamond is setin not gold elparted

Where was the most expensive jewelry made?

of real soild gold

Can you tell by a patent number if jewelry is real gold?


Is 24 KGB real gold jewelry?

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What does CH 750 mean on jewelry?

is ch750 real gold or not

What is 18 rgp?

RGP stands for rolled gold plated. An 18 RGP mark on jewelry means the jewelry is not a real 18k gold but only gold plated.

Is good jewelry sold by juicy couture real gold?

Some are real Gold, but they are not on the website. Others are just metal

Is 24k gold overlay is good?

24k gold is pretty much pure gold but overlay is the same as plated which doesn't give any real value to the jewelry if you scratch gold overlay jewelry with sandpaper the gold will come right off while real 24k jewelry if scratched with sandpaper will still keep its gold color. I hope this helps you.

What does FAS on gold jewelry mean?

I was wondering the same thing. I can tell real gold from fake just by looking and the 'gold' that i saw that had FAS on it was surely not real gold.

How can you tell if gold jewelry is real from over seas?

Bring it to a jewelry store or bite it see if it bends.

Are real diamonds put in jewelry that is gold electroplated?

Yes, sometimes diamonds are set into plated jewelry.

Do gold ornaments corrode?

Real gold never tarnishes or corrodes. Gold-tone jewelry might, though.

Is gold jewelry made in china real?

Chinese gold is probably the most expensive gold available on the market.