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Can red-eared sliders mate with yellow-bellied slider turtles?


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Yes, red eared sliders and yellow bellied sliders are both subspecies of "pond slider", in the wild where their range overlaps they mate quite often producing what are called "intergrades". The particular intergrade between a yellow bellied slider and a red eared slider often has features of both, large yellow markings on the head with a red corner.


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The red eared slider does, but the yellow bellied slider does not.

Well, I think it depends on the species. I have 2 turtles. One is a red eared slider and the other is a yellowbellied slider. They get together fine but my 3rd turtle (a map) got killed by my red eared slider and that brings it back to me thinking it depends on the species.

No. Red eared sliders are water turtles, while box turtles are land turtles.:)

Ghost Red Eared Slider Turtles will get to be the same size as normal Red Eared Slider Turtles, which is 10-12 inches.

Yes they are. I have one and my cusins have 2. yellow bellied sliders are legal too

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Red eared sliders live for around 40 years and get to be 10-12 inches.

Yes. They are very similar to Red Eared Sliders except the "ears" are the same color as their jaw markings.

No need to care for it. There are already enough red eared sliders in the world.

Red-Eared Sliders can bask a hole day. But if you have a Red-Ear Slider as a pet you can give them an hour or two to bask everyday.

Yes, like all other turtles Red Eared Slider Turtles lay eggs. There is no species of turtle that gives birth to live young.

Red Eared Sliders get to be 10-12 inches long. Females grow to be larger than males.

There would be no more red eared slider turtles......not much else would change.

Yes red ear sliders have to bask because if they don't, the shell of the red ear slider will soften and he or she will be very sick and might die, and if your red ear slider does not bask, then just place he or she there with a UV light.

Well tons red ear sliders yellow belly slider map turtles black knob painted turtles all of those are all good not for kids for 18 and up

Red-eared sliders are one of the most common types of turtles found in the pet trade, but ... are good for young turtles, but as red eared sliders mature ... more like indoor ... yes they are good indoor pets

can two slider turtles live together?

A Red Eared Slider can only "procreate" (have young) with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Belly Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle, other than a Slider.

Yes there are probably red eared slider turtles and petco because as I was searching for one my self on the petco website and read it was only in stores but they didn't say the price .

no i have a red ear slider an he will proly get sick cuz hes not use to an turtles dont eat dat day eat turtle food or fish if its use to it

Hopefully you have a terrarium, because the box turtle is a land turtle, and the red eared slider is an aquatic turtle.

You breed a male and female Red Eared slider. Albino's are not different species of turtles, they are just a different version of that specie, but I am breeding turtles as well and you can also have an albino map turtle and so on and on...

slider turtles can live for 40 years if they are well taken care of.

Rio Grande Sliders are a lot more colorful and have brighter colors than Red Eared Sliders.

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