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Can red and blue version catch mew?

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You can't get Mew legitimately in Blueor Red unless Nintendo have given it to you. There is a glitch, which does work and I can vouch for it, but I haven't tested whether Mew learns the moves properly. If it's just to complete your Pokédex then I suggest you could give it a try. You can't use it until you have the Fly HM.

You mustn't battle the trainer near Nugget Bridge (in Cerulean) who has the level 17 Slowpoke, or the Gambler on Route 8 (Left of Lavender Town) with two Poliwags and a Poliwhirl. Also, I'd suggest you have a couple of low-level Pokémon on your team and some decent balls.

North of the trainer on Route 8, there is a building. Walk to the door and do not go inside. Take one step down and immediately press start and fly to Cerulean. When you fly away, the gambler will "see" you, but you won't enter a battle.

Go to the trainer near Nugget Bridge and battle him (make sure your team can beat his Slowpoke). When you battle him, you must make sure he walks to you, otherwise the game will freeze. When you've beaten him, fly back to Lavender Town and got west to Route 8. When you enter the route, your start menu will come up. Press B to exit it, and you will enter a battle with a wild Mew at level 7. It can be difficult to capture. As long as you didn't save at any time when you're doing this, you can always turn off your game and try again if you failed to do it right.

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Can you catch a mew or Mewtwo in Pokemon Crystal?

Neither Mew or Mewtwo can be found in Crystal. You will need to trade both from either Red, Blue or Yellow version.

How do you catch mew without cheating and Nintendo special event?

you can't catch mew unless you have red and blue

Can you catch mew in Pokemon Gold Version without trading from red blue and yellow?

yes if its on computer by using cheats on the cheat cartridges

Where do you catch mew in blue?

Youtube video: "Catching Mew in Pokemon Red and Blue Versions"

How do you catch mew in red and blue?

Mew can only be obtained by using a Game Shark. Other than that, you must have gone to one of the Nintendo Events that gave out Mew at the time Red and Blue versions were in their prime.

How do you catch a growlithe in Pokemon Blue?

You cannot catch a growlithe in Pokemon blue. It is only available in the red version. There are Pokemon unique to red and blue versions. Growlithe is one of them. You can buy the red version or trade one of the Pokemon only available in blue with someone who has the red version

How do you catch mew in Red?

Mew was a special event Pokemon that was distributed for Pokemon Red and Blue. Mew cannot be found in the wild without cheats or using glitches, which is still possible to obtain. Bulbapedia likely have a great summary about this Mew glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue.

Where is mew in Pokemon Yellow?

mew is not catch-able on red blue or yellow but its is possible to use glitches to catch mew mewto is catch-able, mew is handed out at Nintendo specail events and that's about all

Fire red mew?

how to catch mew fire red easy

What kind of Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon red?

A bunch i will say around 130 you can catch the rest you must get from blue. Psst you can find mew in red.

In what Pokemon games can you capture mew?

So far only 5 games get the opportunity to capture mew in some way: Red version, Blue version, Yellow version, Emerald version and My Pokemon Ranch.

How Can You Catch Mew In Red Blue Yellow?

Its hard to explain in words so search on youtube.

How do you catch mew on Pokemon Yellow in the beginning?

its very hard go to and click on red/blue and click on catch Mew and the guide will pop up and it works with yelow

What are the rarest Poke'mon in yellow?

Mew is since mew is not catch-able on red blue or yellow but its is possible to use glitches to catch mew mewto is catch-able, mew is handed out at Nintendo specail events and that's about all

Do you have to start a new game to catch mew in Pokemon Yellow?

The only way to get Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow is via the Mew Glitch, which you can find on Bulbapedia.

Which game can you catch mew?

red and blue, and emerald. On red and blue, there's a glitch. Look it up on youtube. Don't know about black and white.

What pokemon games can you catch mew?

the games are fire red,red,water blue,blue,leaf green,green,diamond,pearl and platima

How was Mew originally found in Pokemon Blue and Red?

Mew was originally found in Pokemon red and blue by using the Mew glitch.

Where to get mew in red version?

You can't catch mew at all in any of the games unfortunately. You can only get it through the use of an AR or game shark or stuff like that.

How do you find missingno in pokemon Sapphire?

You can't catch him on that game, but you can catch him in Blue or Red version.

What Pokémon can you catch in Pokémon Silver?

In Pokemon Gold, Silver, HeartGold, and SoulSilver you can catch the Pokemon of the Johto region, and the Kanto region. In the Johto region, you can catch Pokemon such as Ho-oh, Lugia, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. In the Kanto region, you can catch Pokemon such as Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo, and Mew. (Can only catch Mew in Red and Blue.) no you are extremely wrong my 7 year old brother caught mew ( glitch at level 7 or 15 w.e ) and what you meant you can catch it only in red and blue ??? you mean the glitch mew in red blue AND YELLOW ? plz do not post stuff that are unclear

Can you catch mew and Mewtwo in silver and gold?

no you can't you need to trade it from Pokemon blue,red, and yellow

What game do you catch mew in?

In Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow you are able to catch Mew through a glitch. Mew is available in other games such as FireRed and LeafGreen, but it was an event Pokemon. The event it over, and all you can do is wait for a future event, or trade with someone who has Mew.

What version has a mew Pokemon?

Red and blue. It's also possible to get it in gold and silver, but very unlikely.

How do you catch Mew in Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot catch Mew in "Pokémon Ruby."or you can get mew-two in fire red or leaf green.