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They can, I just would not recommend it as a food source.

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What do Red eared sliders eat?

aquatic plants, fruit and insects.,red ear sliders eat fish but you half to make sure the fish are small you don't want them to big i have turtles of my own'Red eared sliders eat plants and animals. Young red eared sliders eat more protein like waxworms, earthworms, fish, shrimp and if you have pets you can feed them turtle pellets sometimes. The older they get, the more they like plants and vegetables like collard greens and kale. My big red eared slider once ate a mouse!

Can red eared sliders eat corn?

no and yes. Red Eared Sliders can eat corn but it is better if they eat greens.

Can red eared sliders eat salmon?

small chuncks yes; entire fish no

Do red eared sliders eat minows?

Yes, red eared sliders eat minnows in the wild and in captivity.

What kind of fish do red eared sliders eat?

Red-eared slider turtles will eat fish such as minnows, goldfish, and guppies. Besides fish, they also eat bugs, snails, tadpoles and even worms.

Can a red eared slider eat lightning bugs?

Red-eared sliders only eat tad-poles,mealworms silkworms and smaller fish

Do red eared sliders eat in water or on land?

When you feed a red eared slider, the food should be in the water.

Do red eared sliders eat crickets?

Red eared sliders can eat crickets.

How do you get red eared sliders to eat?

red eared sliders will only eat in water. if you try to feed it out of water and it doesn't eat, don't get mad.

Do red eared sliders eat sardines?

Well they will eat any kind of fish salmon and tuna so yes

Can baby red eared sliders eat goldfish?

As long as the fish isn't any bigger than it.

Can red eared sliders eat meat If so what meat do they eat?

Small insects, small live fish, and river shrimp.

Can red eared sliders eat bay leaves?

No, it is not appropriate for them to eat that.

Can red eared sliders eat oranges?

nom but my red ear slider likes eatin spenich but it ok for u to feed it brhind the coner food but feed it fish sometimes to

Can red eared sliders eat tomatoes?

They will, but go to website"Red eared Sliders as pets, there you will find all you need to know about these turtles as pets.

Do red eared sliders eat their own babies?

no no no no no no they have them and let them be

Can red eared sliders eat carrots?

I wouldn't give it to them :)

Do red eared slider turtles eat their own poop?

yes i have 7 red eared sliders and they do eat their poop

Why did my two other red eared sliders eat the eyes of my small 4 year old red eared slider?

Red Eared sliders are aggressive over food, territory mates, etc. Most likely it was due to that aggression. I would suggest separating the sliders and taking the injured slider a vet. Good Luck!

Can red eared sliders eat coriander?

Red-eared turtles can eat cilantro. If they are not eating lettuce, you should try feeding them it.

Does red eared turtle eat another red eared turtle?

I keep two red eared sliders in same terrarium and they are still a live, for one year so i guess they dont eat each other. I even put a fish for a month and they dont eat it too.

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