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It might help a little bit, but bike riding targets the legs more than the abdominals, so it would be good for burning fat, but is not as ideal for firming/strengthening. Pilates is a better route for strenghtening and firming the abs and torso, so a quicker, longer lasting effect would be achieved if both were done 2-3 times a week

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Q: Can riding a bike up and down hills help get rid of a flabby stomach or help tone it up?
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What is the best kind of bike for riding up hills?

a road bike

Does riding a bike help flatted stomach?

Riding a bike will help you burn calories, which can help you lose fat which can help flatten your stomach. Don't expect too much though.

Is riding a bike a good cardio workout to get a flat stomach?

Riding a bike is good for your cardio and will give you great legs. It may help you gain a flat stomach as well depending on how long you ride and how fast.

Which has more friction riding a bike on cement or riding a bike in gravel?

Riding in gravel will be heavier.

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How dangerous is riding a bike on a highway?

It all depends on your skill level and how comfortable you are with riding your bike.

When might riding a bike have an advantage over flying in an airplane?

riding a bike can have an advantage over a plane because if you don't want to pay money than a bike is better and that riding a bike gives you cardio.

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Do you get leaner muscle running or riding a bike?

on a bike

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How does riding a bike make you stronger?

Riding a bike can make you stronger because it makes your calves strong

What is 'bike-riding' when translated from English to Italian?

Il ciclismo is an Italian equivalent of the English word "bike-riding." The pronunciation of the masculine singular phrase -- which literally translates as "the bicycling," "the bike-riding," "the cycling" -- will be "eel tchee-KLEE-zmo" in Italian.

Where can I find more information on stationary exercise?

Stationary exercise is exercising when riding your bike. Some examples of stationary exercising are riding your bike through hills, forests, and other areas. You may find information on stationary exercise here,

Is riding a bike a sport?

Yes. While riding a bike can be for exercise or recreation, there is also a sport called cycling.

What sort of terrains does this simulate riding on?

This bike can simulate going up and down hills or through thick terrain such as sand by increasing or decreasing the wheel resistance.

Can chemical energy transform into mechanical energy after riding a bike?

Not after riding a bike, but rather during riding a bike. Your muscles convert chemical energy (a form of potential energy) into mechanical energy to do work.

Can riding a bike help a fractured ankle?

Bike riding is low-impact, so you can start riding faster than if you were to wait to be fit enough to run.

In French what is bike riding?

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Why the muscle is important for riding a bike?

Muscles are what makes your body move, whatever you do. So you need them for bike riding too.

What energy is used when riding a bike?

the chemical energy stored in our muscles is used up when riding a bike.

Can you modify your seven speed cruiser bicycle to have more gears for riding hills?

You can. but only with difficulty. As a cruiser has a rather poor riding position and is usually quite heavy as well you're probably better off looking for a bike with better riding characteristics in the first place.

Why is balance needed in horse riding?

Riding a horse can be compared to riding a bike. if you do not have balance, you can throw the horse (or bike) off balance and/or slide off to one side.

Is riding a bike mechanical energy?

is a bike mechanical

Can bike riding be a career?