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Infections caused by decayed teeth and neucrotic tissue in the tooth cause the swollen lymph glands. Internal inflammation of the surround tissue will cause facial swelling which may last 7-10days.

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Q: Can root canals cause swollen lymph glands in the neck?
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What could cause pain behind your ear and neck?

Swollen Glands / Lymph nodes

True or false if you have swollen glands you actually have swollen lymph nodes?

It depends on where your body is swollen. Lymph nodes are everywhere.

Do swollen lymph glands cause breathing problems?

They can if they're the ones in your airway ... that is the tonsils and adenoids.

Swollen lymph glands are a symptom of what?


What causes a swollen lymph node?

There are many things that can cause a swollen lymph node. Infection is the most common cause for a swollen lymph node.

Are swollen lymph glands a sign of infection?


Is the phrase swollen glands refers to swelling of the sweat glands?

No, the phrase "swollen glands" does not refer to the swelling of the sweat glands. Swollen glands are the enlargement of the lymph nodes while the sweat glands are a part of the endocrine system.

Can breast cancer be caused by swollen lymph nodes?

Nobody knows what causes cancer, but swelling isn't likely to be a cause. Swollen glands are a symptom of infection, not a cause of anything.

Are swollen lymph nodes in hands common?

Swollen lymph glands are not uncommon, but typically are a sign of the body fighting off an infection.

Do your tonsils get swollen if you have mono?

No, your lymph nodes swell and cause the glands in your throat to swell also. And in most cases there are little white spots where it's swollen.

Will genital warts cause swollen lymph nodes?

Genital warts typically do not cause swollen lymph nodes.

Does tonsillitis can cause swelling of lymph nodes?

Sure, Tonsillitis is one of the main causes of swollen glands (lymp nodes).

Swollen neck under ear red tender?

If your neck is swollen and under your ears are red and tender, you may have swollen glands. Swollen glands are a result of an enlargement of the lymph nodes.

Can pressure from swollen lymph glands cause dizziness?

Yes itcan , with your right thump, try to poke your swollen lymph node just to the right of your esophagus , and see what happens to you. It feels like you’re on LSD. ...Nice is'nt?

Can gonorrhea cause swollen lymph nodes?

Gonorrhea typically does not cause swollen lymph nodes. But whether your nodes are swollen or not, you should get tested if you believe you may have an STD.

What were the sympotoms of black plague?

Blister at flea bite siteHigh feverChillsHeadacheSwollen glandsSwollen groin lymph nodesSwollen armpit lymph nodesSwollen neck lymph nodesLymph node ulcersExtreme exhaustionProstrationDeliriumthere you go :)

Can swollen glands give you a tumor?

The usual reason for swollen glands is that the lymph system has deposited toxins from the bloodstream in the glands for disposal. Swollen glands are almost always an indicator of poor health elsewhere in the system, rather than a problem in themselves.

What is lymph glands in tagalog?

lymph node is kulani (kulane) in Filipino. when your lymph nodes get palpable or swollen, you say, may kulani ako.

Can a UTI cause swollen lymph nodes?

UTI does not typically cause swollen lymph nodes. If you have pain when you urinate and swollen lymph nodes in the genital area, see your health care provider ASAP for an accurate diagnosis.

Can cannabis use cause swollen lymph nodes?

No. Swollen lymph nodes are the sign of an infection. See a doctor.

If you have swollen lymph nodes and a cold sore what could it be?

A cold sore itself can cause swollen lymph nodes.

Can diabetes cause swollen lymph nodes?


What is the scientific name for swollen lymph glands?

Lymphadenopathy or lymphadenitis refers to lymph nodes which are abnormal in size, number or consistency.

What causes swollen lymph nodes around the breast area?

what kind of infection can cause a swollen lymph node in the left breast

What can cause a swollen lump on the right side of your head behind your ear?

This would be one of your lymph nodes that is swollen. There are several things that can cause swollen lymph nodes which include infections, colds, and viruses.