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yes, S-Waves can travel through many different types of mediums, such as rock, metal, and various fluids. they only travel through solids.

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How do seismic waves travel from the focus?

Seismic waves are the earths crust vibrating. there are two types of waves P-waves and S-waves (Primary and Secondary) Primary waves travel faster than s waves and can travel through solid and liquid, S-waves can only travel through solids

Can s waves travel through solid and liquid media?

yes they can but they travel through air faster

How have scientists determined that the outer layer is liquid?

Seismic waves can be separated into basically two different types; S-waves and P-waves. P-waves are able to travel through liquid and solid, but S-waves can not travel through a liquid, they can only travel through a solid. When scientist "shoot" P and S-waves at the outer core, they detect the P-waves coming out the other side, but not the S-waves.

Where do P-waves travel through?

P waves can travel through solid and liquid material such as the mantle, but when they hit the earths core, they slow down greatly S waves can travel through the mantle as well, but stp abruptly when they reach the solid core

What do s waves travel through?

s-waves travel through solids only

What type of earthquake wave travel through solids but not liquids?

S-waves A transverse wave can travel through a solid, but not through a liquid.

What type of waves is produced during an earthquake?

Seismic waves consist ofP waves which travel through the Earth fast. They compress the medium they travel through;S waves which also travel through the Earth, shearing the solid Earth as they go. S waves do not travel through liquid;Surface waves which can cause the Earth to undulate like water waves or surface waves that cause the Earth to shear.

How do scientists know that the earth's mantle is made of solid rock?

Because s-waves from earthquakes can travel through the mantle rock. S-waves (i.e. shear waves) cannot travel through liquids or gasses.

What do P waves and S waves travel through?

S waves trabel through solids and p waves travel through liquids and solids.

Do S waves travel through earth's inner core?

While S waves (shear waves) can travel through earth's solid inner core, they cannot travel through earth's liquid outer core, which surrounds the inner core.So, unless the S waves originated inside the inner core (which seems unlikely) there are no S waves traveling through earth's inner core.

Compare and contrast P waves and S waves?

p waves travel through solids and s waves travel through liquids

Can S waves travel through the earths mantle?

s-waves do not travel through Earth's mantle

What type of materials do S and P waves travel through?

P waves travel through solids, liquids, and gases. S waves travel through solids only.

What state of matter do P and S waves travel through?

P waves can travel through all types of matter. S waves can only travel through solids.

What can s waves not travel through?

S-waves cannot travel through liquids, but they can travel through solids and gases. P-waves can travel through solids, liquids and gases. Hope this helped! :D

Do P and S-waves travel through liquids?

Only P-waves are able to travel through liquids. S-waves are transverse or shear waves and so can not travel through liquids.

How are p-waves and s-waves different?

P-waves are longitudinal, S-waves are transverse. P-waves travel faster than S-waves. P-waves can travel through Solids and Liquids whereas S-waves can only travel through solids.

How does earths solid inner core affect seismic waves?

Seismic waves contain both P waves and S waves. P waves can travel through the Earth including the inner core while S waves could not pass through the core.

Seismic waves that cannot travel through liquids?

Shear Waves (S Waves) cannot travel through liquid

What kind of seismic waves do and do not travel through liquid?

S-waves can not travel through liquids. By Hollie

What are PS and L waves?

PS and L waves are abbreviated for Primary, Secondary and Love Waves.Primary Waves and Secondary Waves are Body Waves, which means they travel through the body of the Earth. Love waves are Surface Waves, which means they travel on the surface of the Earth.P Waves are the fastest and first to be recorded because they can travel through both liquid and solid rock. S Waves are slower than P and are the next to be recorded as they can only travel through solid rock.L Waves have to further to go than P an S waves and arrive after them, because they have to go around the earth, not through it. However, they are more dangerous than P and S Waves because their effect on the surface is more severe.

Can s-waves travel through liquid?

No. S-waves (also known as secondary waves) can only travel through solids, not liquids or gases unlike the P-waves.

Which are faster s waves and p waves or surface waves?

The fast is primary wave which travels through liguid, solid and gas. This how Geologist know the outer core is liquid. Secondary waves travel through only solid. The primary wave are the first to reach the seismograph.

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