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What is the most valuable man made container?

It is made in Japan out of a certain glass.

Is einsteinium common?

No- man made very rare

Is there a man made counterpart to a sapphire?

Sapphire is a natural colour stone or somewhat you say as a lucky stone to some believers.Today science,technology & human intellectual has increased to such an extent that you can make your desired colourstone,artificially ,i.e.,using synthetics,polymers,etc.I agree that surely there is a man made counterpart for a sapphire

Is a magnet made out of cobalt?

A man made magnet is made of Iron Nickel Cobalt and Rare earth Metals

Are most elements man made or natural?

All the existing elements are natural the man made elements are rare and have a very short life.

Is thulium man made?

No. It is a "Rare Earth"- found only in trace amounts, but naturally occurring.

Is there a man made counterpart to a emerald?

Yes. In fact, there are synthetic emeralds. They are real emeralds, though they are not as valuable as natural emeralds.

What is the most valuable Spider-Man comic book?

The most valuable Spider-Man comic is Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man.

Who makes bodies of water?

No one. Bodies of water are natural phenomena. There are rare occasions where there are man made bodies are created when dams are built for instance bur these are rare.

Where is the nickname man on Pokemon Sapphire?

He's in Slateport.

What must you do when a man steal the sapphire in the dotted hole?

you will go to the team rocket Warehouse at five island and get the sapphire.

How do you get missingno on sapphire?

you can't missingo has been found on emerald but it's a really rare glitch you must be the luckest man on the planet the rare glitch is go to any pokemart and there will be a hole go through it it takes you to the Pokemon league cave then you go in side walk around and the firt Pokemon you see is missingo but it is a really rare glitch

Where is the man that deletes moves in Pokemon sapphire?

lilycove city

Where do you get flash in Pokemon sapphire?

go to a man in purple in a cave.

How do you get 5 rare candys?

Be a man and do it your self Be a man and do it your self

Can you get to mirage island on Pokemon Sapphire?

Yes. There is an old man in Pacifidlog Town who will "see" Mirage Island randomly based on your party pokemon. You cannot go until he sees it, which is rare, but if it occurs you have to surf up and right to get there.

What did prehistoric man barter with?

Anything they found valuable

Does wind cause pollution?

No, wind itself does not cause pollution. Pollution for the most part is "man made" or "man-caused". Pollution caused by natural occurrences is very rare.

Is the element neon natural or man made?

Neon is a natural element, but is rare on earth. It is mostly found on stars and is abundant in the universe.

How do you get the glasses for the man near rustburro in Pokemon sapphire?

you have to use a itemfinder

In Pokemon sapphire in the spsce center the man is luanches is 183?


Is plutonium man made?

Most plutonium in use in the world is man made. It is very rare and hard to find compared to Uranium, since its half-life is much shorter than Uranium; but can be synthesized in a reaction process out of Uranium.

Is Buzz Aldrin signature valuable?

Yes the signature of Buzz Aldrin will always be valuable as he was the second man to walk on the moon.

Was a blacksmith the worst job you could have in the medieval times?

Not at all! Blacksmiths were honored and respected. They made valuable tools and repaired them, and the smith was an important man in the village.

Hardness of a sapphire?

Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, whereas diamond, the hardest natural material known to man, has a hardness of 10.