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Not usually!

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Q: Can scene kids have inverted bobs?
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What is cuddies company?

its a company for kids" toms"... there not really toms but their for little kids kind of like bobs...

What kind of girl is a scene?

A lot of the scene kids I know, basically all of them, go to shows almost every week. Scene kids are often confused with emo kids, but they are different. Most scene kids wear skinny jeans, neon colors, bandannas, etc. A big trend among some scene kids is myspace. A lot of scene kids have layered hair, some have extensions or coon stripes.

What are scene necklaces?

Necklaces for scene kids. Scene kids/teens are very colorful and fun and are in the category of emo, punk and goth

Where can i buy a vehicle without a license?

bobs house bobs house bobs house bobs house bobs house

Can scene kids be brown?

yes, of course, anyone can be scene

Where can you find Bobs?

where can you find Bobs shoes? In Bobs closet.

Is it bobs bobs' bob's or bobs's in bobs paper was incomplete?

It would be "Bob's paper was incomplete." Bob's

Do scene kids only hang out with other scene kids?

No not all the time.... But most of the time yes. It has something to do with they can be around kids with the same interests.

Your daughter has a inverted nipple and something smelly comes out of it is it normal?

Inverted nipples are normal for some kids but i dont think the "smelly stuff" is. I think you should get her a checkup.

How did scene kids come to be?

Scene kid's to me are kind of like emo kids but they don't cut their wrists. They wear pretty much the same clothing, jewlery, make-up ect. Music may differ from scene and emo. Scene kids are the best.

Are Bobs shoes copied off of Toms shoes?

Yes...they look almost identical yet they are cheaper! Plus, Skechers(who makes Bobs) donates a pair of shoes for every pair bought to less fortunate kids.

Where do scene kids get there jeans?

the mall