Fashion Fads and Trends

Those kinds of clothing and accessories which come into and out of popularity in a transitory manner.

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Fashion Fads and Trends

What’s something that’s popular now, but everyone will be embarrassed by in five years?

Bike shorts as pants. Or those little tiny sunglasses.
Fashion Fads and Trends

In fashion what is a bear claw and how does it relate to a camel toe?

a bear claw (guessing this came from the fashion police ad with joan rivers) is when a guy wears tight pants that split his balls, making it look like a bears claw.


Actually a "bear claw", deals with a woman's whose pants fit too tightly, and it is a version of the "camel toe" but instead of "two divisions", there are "three divisions".

The male version is referred to as a moose knuckle.

Women's Clothing
Fashion Fads and Trends

In what season should you wear plaid?

You can wear plaid in all seasons. But maybe it would be winter and fall wear a plaid scarf or jacket/hoodie.

In spring and summer wear plaid shorts or shirts.

Plaid shoes socks, or anything else will work at all times.

Fashion Fads and Trends

What are some fresh clothing brands?

Patagonia makes very cool clothes.


American Eagle


Banana Republic


Jared Lang


Via Uomo

Fashion Fads and Trends

What color dress goes with purple shoes?

A blue or a black colored shoe for go with a purple dress. Never were purple shoes with a purple dress.

Men's Clothing
Fashion Fads and Trends

Can you Wear a Light Khaki Sports coat with black pants all year round or is a khaki jacket season specific?

You could wear the outfit whenever want because its a classic, but i recommend it in the winter because of the dark colored pants.

Social Network Websites
Fashion Fads and Trends

What do scene kids put as their facebook status?

K Hun.

I'm pretty scene mysaalf, and you do whatevs you really want .

Adding extraa letters to words ; and put spacing between your punctuation .


also , what I like to do is put really funky {thing in between-/ my ; words].

this is my facebook status right now ..


what the heck?^

i bet that's probably some 10 year old wanna be...

scene kids don't type any certain way...

Fashion Fads and Trends

What do you wear with a cream lace ra ra skirt?

cream is very similar to white and white matches with color-wise you can match it with anything, as long as you have a BALANCE if you wanna match it with red then wear a red shirt,your ra ra skirt and red flats and balance it with cream colored accessories. now REMEMBER ra ra skirts make a big fuzz, so balance the fuzz by making sure your red top is plain! can use any other color instead of red, just make sure you balance the colors and the fuzz.........:)

Fashion Fads and Trends

What are some good fashion trends to start?

In most fashion crisis's you should always put on a pair of geeky cinema glasses to make yourself look geek chic but if you don't have any just put on some skinny jeans and a waistcoat to look rock princess or black tights,a grey plaid skirt, white vest top and black cardigan to look girlie trend setter! You might wanna use those at school but they are seriously not trends for adults cos I don't know any adult trends being only young myself!

Fashion Design
Fashion Fads and Trends

What age are converse aimed at?

Anyone can look good in converse, although, they are generally aimed at people below the age of 30 - particularly teens.

Fashion Fads and Trends

What is Udoli?

Udoli (u-do-lee) meaning doll or toy in the Zulu language is a modern tribal doll like style inspired by African and Caribbean culture.

There are Six types of Udolies; Lulamtoti, Koko, Nobu, Kazi/Kunzi, Mandla, Makabila

Lulamtoti (Loo-luh-mo-tee): Lulamtoti is a combination of the Zulu words Mtoti (meaning: sweet) and Lula (meaning: Simple). The Lulamtoti style can range from a simple sweet to super cute look. Lulamtoti Udolies wear warm light colours and incorporate bows, flowers, headbands, various cute designs on the face such as hearts, butterflies and swirl designs to create a look so sweet it's sure to cause cavities.

Koko: Koko meaning "wild" in Swahili is a fierce wild style that incorporates a lot of vibrant colours and eye-popping make-up. The Koko Udolies are not afraid to mix it all up, using every colour of the rainbow to create a style so fierce they are bound to turn head.

Nobu: Nobu literally meaning Royal in Zulu is an Udoli style so glamorous you would think they were royally. These Udolies dress like Queens, King, princess and princes. Nobu Udolies "bling" themselves out with hair ornaments, bracelets, ankle bracelets, rings, necklaces, and head jewellery resembling the traditional Ethiopian headdress. Combined with clean reserved makeup these Udolies exude a confidence and beauty you can't help but admire.

Kazi/Kunzi: (ka-zee/Kun-zee) Taken from the words "Insikazi" meaning female animal and "Inkunzi:" meaning male animal. A Kazi Udoli referring to females and Kunzi Udoli referring to males is a style that encompasses the native animals of Africa. They paint dots around the eyes and make up to resemble the indigenous animals of Africa. But don't worry the style of these Udolies are more fierce than the animals they represent.

Mandla: Mandla meaning powerful in the Zulu language is a style of Udoli that incorporates a lot of dark colors, such as maroon, onyx blue, dark purple and black. The make-up is a clean dark sultry look, where as the hair is not adorned with a lot of hair accessories like the other Udolies, Instead the Mandla Udoli either wear one huge hair ornament vibrant in colour to contrast the dark style; for example a fire engine red, neon green or electric blue flower or a bright piece of clothing that contrast the dark like bright pink shoes or sun yellow bag.

Makabila: Makabila meaning tribe in Swahili is a style where these Udolies pick a tribe in Africa and mimic the clothing adding a spice of fashion and a little twist to make it their own.

Fashion Design
Fashion Fads and Trends

How do you cut your own jeans?

first you fit your jeans and decide up to what length you want your jeans to be. then make a line there....then make another line a few inches under it..... then cut with sharp scissors along the second line you made......then fold inwards so that your pants reach the first line you made.......then sow along the bottom of the fold and the top of the fold twice, with a color not so noticeable :)

Fashion Fads and Trends

What are wispy skirts?

A wispy skirt is a skirt that at it's ends it's cut in a way that is sort of messy, pointy dragging style, they are usually long, but very stylish.

Men's Clothing
Fashion Fads and Trends

What do you call those patches on jackets?

Their called fabric or if your thinking of the patches like pockets then that's ur answer:)

Colonial America
Fashion Fads and Trends

What were some fads from 1901-1905?

Fashion Fads and Trends

Why elbow patches on jackets?

College professors don't get paid that much so when their elbows wear holes they patch them with something durable like leather instead of buying new jackets. This created a style of intelligence and distinction.

Japanese Language and Culture
Fashion Fads and Trends

What is Fairy Kei?

Fairy Kei is a recent fashion phenomenon from Japan. It has a strong focus on colors (namely pastels and neon hues), which are used in abundance and conjunction with motifs and trends of American childrens' cartoons from the 1980s and early 1990s. Like the name implies, Fairy Kei has a whimsical, cheerful, and pop-cute look and feel, similar to the fantasies in shows like My Little Pony, Jem and the Holograms, and Lady Lovely Locks.

Men's Clothing
Fashion Fads and Trends

Can you wear light khaki shorts with a light blue linen shirt?

Of course! They also work well with printed tshirts

Fashion Fads and Trends

Is there a Robin Ruth bag with Toronto on it?

Fashion Fads and Trends

How do you get someone to take you shopping?

you should ask them and if they say yes, tell them where you would like to go.

Fashion Fads and Trends

How can you get skater hair?

don't wash it, brush it, comb it or straighten it, just wake up and go!

Fashion Fads and Trends

Whats a cute everyday winter outfit?

sweater w/jeggingss or thermal w/scarf nd jeggingsss

Plants and Flowers
Fashion Fads and Trends

What corsage matches blue dress?

Cream or white if you want classic...

Red or coral pink if you want to make a statement...


Enjoy x

World War 1
Fashion Fads and Trends

How did World War I influence fashion trends?

Well, I think it's because some people cannot afford to buy fashion trends so it affects world war 1 because people ar'nt buying fashion trends.


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Fashion Fads and Trends
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What is Gucci's slogan?



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