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A2. There is a credible hypothesis that the Noah tale may be based on fact. The current Black Sea was created most recently earlier than 5 000 BC, by the post ice-age rising of sea level, and the Mediterranean Sea eventually over topping the land bridge in Turkey.

The turnover of top and bottom water in the Black Sea is very slight, so the deeper layers are anoxic (without free oxygen). There are certainly ancient shore lines seen by sonar, and at least one delta. Given that the deep waters are anoxic, if there were any ships or land structures, there is a little hope that some may be preserved.

In any event, if the Mediterranean was gradually rising, this would give fair warning of the imminent flooding to a perceptive person.

But much remains to be researched.

Have a crack at the Black Sea deluge Hypothesis in Wikipedia.

A1 no but Star Wars can and also the amzing spider man.

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Q: Can science prove that Noah never lived?
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