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Q: Can she have a child by an sperm bank while she is a virgin?
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Can a man father a child if his prostate has been removed and how is it done?

Although the father cannot have their own child, they can either have their partner inseminated with someone else's sperm (ie: a sperm bank) or they could adopt a child.

When was Virgin Health Bank created?

Virgin Health Bank was created in 2009.

Where can you get sperm from?

Simple, a sperm bank, or the obvious!

Can you bring your own sperm to a sperm bank?

Yes, the Arctic circle sperm bank has a high success rate.

What kind of bank has no money?

A Sperm Bank

were is a sperm bank in beaumont texas?

There is no sperm bank in Beaumont. There are actually two in Texas, in Austin and in Houston.

How does sperm get into females?

Either sex, rape, or sperm bank.

Can sperm be collected from home and then stored in sperm bank?

It is usually collected ONLY AT the sperm bank so it can be placed in a controlled temperature environment before freezing.

Can lezbians have babies if they do it together?

If they adopt. or if they get a dildo with a sperm release, get sperm from a sperm bank, and woohoo.

What bank sort code is 16-60-50?

Virgin One Account, Part of Royal Bank of Scotland Virgin One Account, Part of Royal Bank of Scotland

Can a parent with a bank account in one bank open one for their minor child in another bank?

For example, the parent has an account at Chase, while they want to make a new one for their child at... Wells Fargo. Yes it is possible

Can you buy sperm from a Sperm bank without a doctor's permission?

Well it depends on where you are having it sent. If you are having it sent to your home you will need a doctor to sign a release authorization that you will have to fax to the sperm bank before they can send you the sperm. If you are having the insemination done at a fertility clinic the sperm bank will send the sperm directly to the clinic and will not need a doctor's release authorization.This was how I experienced it when I used European Sperm Bank in Seattle. http://www.europeanspermbankusa.comGood luck!

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