Can small children see ghosts

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No. They cant because i dont want them too.

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Q: Can small children see ghosts
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Can babies see ghosts?

If you believe that there are ghosts then there's no reason for suspecting that babies do not see them. On the other hand as I don't believe that there are such beings as ghosts, I would say that neither babies nor children nor adults can see them.

Can dogs see ghosts?

No, because ghosts do not exist. Yes dogs can see ghosts.

How are ghosts' illogical?

they are people that are dead and only children see them adults are not sure whither or not to belief children

How easy is it to see ghosts?

Ghosts are very difficult to see.

Why do i see certain ghosts?

because most people have the technique to see ghosts.

How can kids see ghosts?

A widely accepted theory is that young children under a certain age (of which the age varies between children) can see ghosts more readily than adults as they tend to be more openly acceptable to the idea of ghosts being real. As they grow older, they tend to stop seeing ghosts because they 1) focus more on complex manners such as school, work, and family, and 2) they learn about other people's perceptions of whether ghosts exist. Adults that tend to see ghosts have either seen them as kids and so have kept their minds open whilst growing up or have been receptive to a ghosts energy or presence.

How do cats see ghosts?

There aren't any ghosts

Where can you see ghosts?

You can see ghosts at your house or anywhere such as a cemetery because you can just see the powder and things

Can you see ghosts only until you are 7 or is that a myth?

that is a myth you can always see ghosts

Can a lion see ghosts?

yes they can. because everyone can see ghosts humans and animals.

When can Jim see ghosts?

Jim can only see ghosts when you're watching a movie.

How do you write we went to see Ghosts of Celillo?

We went to see Ghosts of Celillo its in the question.

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