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Yes. Since the signal is beamed from space, anything in the path of it, even smoke/heavy cloud cover, can cause interference.

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Can smoke and soot from wildfires cause interference to television network satellites?

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Cell phone reception is 2 bars and used to be 3-4 = water mixing with fire particles in upper atmosphere: hypothesis. Anyone know?

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Q: Can smoke from wildfires cause signal loss to television network satellites?
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What is the use of transmitter?

-To capture television signals -To receive the signal from the satellites

Can the weather affect television network satellites?

Yes microwave signals from geostationary satellites are attenuated as the signals pass through rain and snow storms. The TV picture pixellates and freezes during heavy downpours. The signal strength at the dish can be monitored by selecting 'signal test' on the satellite installation menu via the remote. Incidentally the mobile, or cell phone, transmitter network can be used as a real time weather station reporter. The signal strength needed to transmit and receive microwave call signals is dependent on the weather conditions in the area a t the time.

Can dish network be used with a direct tv dish that is already installed?

The dish itself does not matter. The equipment that allows you to receive the signal from the satellite is the LNB and the receiver. The receiver, smart card in the receiver, and LNB decodes the signal from the satellites so you can view the different channels and programs.

How can you set up a local TV network in the UK?

have a tv station and transmit a signal

Can you use a dish network pro500 dish and L and B to tune in a direct tv signal?

You can use the dish but not the LNB; it will not work for dtv. The DISH Network LNB and the receiver decodes the signal and gives you a picture on your TV.

Why is my tv screen displaying unusble signal?

You get unusable signal on your TV because your TV is not on the correct input setting to pick up the signal from your device (DISH Network or other provider). You only need to change the input setting to find the correct input to get the signal.

How does the proper satellite signal get to the TV channel?

The correct signal for satellite TV is determined by the direction the satellite dish is pointed. DirecTV and Dish Network signals come out of the Southern sky from the direction directly above Texas. Many other satellites orbit the earth and send out audio and video signals of all different types and formats. Simply put, a satellite dish is like a catchers mitt and will catch any signal coming from the satellite it is aimed towards. The signal received will need to be properly matched with the in house receivers and equipment in order to work properly. For example, if a Dish Network dish is aimed towards a DirecTV satellite signal, the system will not work.

Can you use a dishnet pro 500 satellite dish and L and B for tunning in a direct tv signal?

No, you are not able to use the LNB from DISH Network and receive dtv signal. Our receivers and LNB decode the signal to bring the picture to your TV.

How do satellites help in sending television signals?

Satellites help in television transmission by accepting signals sent from the earth station, transmitting to a much wider area after boosting the signal. Since these are sent out from about 25000 miles a much wider area is covered and with less obstructions. If the receiver dish is pointed in the correct direction and unobscured by building or trees, etc. a very clear signal can be received.

Is dish network in Canada?

I just wanted to clarify that Bell Canada provides the DISH Network signal from our satellites in space. Everything from the receiver to the dish is provided by Bell Canada.

Which television network was first to broadcast a high definition signal in 1997?

inaugural hdtv broadcast in the united states

Signals travel from towers to televisions by?

This will be different depending on your location. In most places the signal travels through cables, but in some remote areas satellites and dishes are used