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Can some medicines even cough medicine cause your period to be a day or so late?

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Yes it can. Being sick can also cause your period to come late too!

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Can cough medicine cause your period to come early?

No, cough medicine cannot cause your period to come early - how would it?When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycle, a hormonal domino affect between your brain and reproductive organs, cough medicine cannot change your menstrual cycle.

Is there codeine in cough medicine?

Some cough medicines do have codine in them. Opioids act as an antitussive (anti cough medication).

What cough medicine can you give for kennel cough?

The type of medicines to treat kennel cough you can get at a vet or TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY

What is the medical term meaning cough medicine?

Some cough medicines are antitussives (cough suppressants) and some are mucolytics (purported to loosen phlegm).

Is robitussin cough medicine kosher?

See star k list of medicines

What are the effects of large amounts of cough medicine?

medicines such as robitussin can alter your state of mind.

What are medicines that start with c?

childen's Advilchildren's MotrinClaritin and Claritin DcodineContac cold medicinecough dropscough syrup

Why is cough medicine abused?

Cough medicines are abused for being addictive when used for longer and for some rare side effects like dark spots on the skin.

Are very many cough medicines alcohol-based?

Only liquid cough medicine elixirs are alcohol-based. Some cough liquids are suspensions and solutions. Tussionex is a non-alcohol-based cough liquid.

How late could taking cough medicine make your period?

It won't make your period late.

Whats the medicines for long cough for almost a monthsomestimes he got chill and hard to breath?

whats the medicine for long cough for almost month and sometimes he got chill

What is in codeine cough syrup?

It's a strong cough medicine that can often cause tiredness.. I'm on it now

How many ml of cough medicine equals Mg of cough medicine?

A mL of most water-based liquids is about a gram. However, it's more complicated than that, because liquid cough medicines are not pure "medicine" ... they're mostly water and sugar. You'd need to read the box to see how many mg of actual "medicine" there is in a mL of the syrup.

Is there any illegal medicine from Marijuana sold in United states?

Still many Marijuana medicines are not allowed to sell openly, but still we can find some marijuana products, being sold illegaly, why are they not regulated like other cough medicines, and all other medicines which may cause addiction on overdose.

Can you take cough medicine with fluoxetine drug?

Do not use delsym cough medicine while on Prozac / fluoxetine this can cause hallucinations and serotonin imbalance i am not sure about mucinex but so far i Havent found any thing saying you cant take those two medicines together . ask your local pharmacist about drug interactions they will be able to tell you the most accurate information

Two ounces of cough medicine will fill 1 12 medicine bottles How many bottles will 12 ounces of cough medicine fill?

2 ounce of cough medicine will fill 1and1/2 medicine bottles. How many bottles will 12 ounces of cough medicine fill

Is Tamiflu good for a cough?

No, not really. Tamiflu is an antiviral medicine that is given to help reduce the duration and lessen the severity of symptoms in influenza and other viral infections. It is not made to be a good cough medicine although it will eventually help you get over the flu and stop coughing. A good medicine for a cough from the flu is called guaifenesin, you will find it in Over The Counter cough medicines like Robitussin (and its generic equivalents). It is also the active ingredient in Mucinex which will also help control cough from influenza.

What cough medicine can you take while taking Valium?

i took a valium in the afternoon and at 5pm i started taken cough medicine. should i not have had cough medicine to nite

One tablespoon of cough medicine equals who many milliliters of cough medicine?

1 tablespoon is 15ml of the medicine

What medicine is used in sickness in the 1930?

There were no antibiotics nor vaccines at this time so most of the medicines were supportive. A person would take cough syrup for a cough, aspirin and cool wash rags for the head. for a fever.

Can you take Allegra with cough medicine?

can u take musinex cough medicine with allegra

What does it mean when after you take cough medicine your stomach hurts?

Assuming you took the cough medicine due to having a cough, it means you are sick.

What type of drugs are OTC drugs?

Anything you can buy without a prescription. These can include cough medicines, aspirin, ibuprofen, tylenol, sore throat medicine, ect.

Can cough medicine get you high?

If you take an excess amount of cough medicine containing DXM(Dextromethorphan) than yes you will get high and it will have psychedelic effects on you. DXM is found in some over the counter cough medicines.*Please use medicine responsibly and do not abuse it, that is what leads to it becoming illegal and people with legitimate uses for it can not use it*Wikianswers does not support abusing drugs or breaking the law in any way shape or form

Can abusing cough medicine nightly affect a woman's period?

If you are taking cough medicine to help your cervical mucus, it should not be taken all month long. (only a certain one should be used and for a limited time.) Using it too long, COULD effect your period.