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yes depending on the judge and how far the non custodial is behind

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Q: Can someone be jailed for arrears?
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If a father is lying about income to pay less child support will he have to pay retroactive child support or arrears?

No, but he can be fined and jailed.

What does his tithes were in arrears mean?

A tithe is a percentage (usually ten) of goods you owe someone. In arrears means falling behind with the bills. Basically, someone was not up-to-date with the payment owed.

Why was Charles Dickens get jailed for when Charles Dickens was 9?

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What is the definition of arrears as per the accounting book?

In accounting, 'arrears' refers to debt that is overdue. For example, if someone were making monthly child support payments and skipped a month but paid the rest, the skipped payment would be considered 'arrears'.

What does arrears mean?

The word arrears means behind or past. Most people who owe someone money, lets say for child support will go to jail for what they owe in arrears. So it would mean something you owe from the past.

Where could one get mortgage arrears help?

One place where someone could get mortgage arrears help is at the 'moneysavingexpert' website. A few other places where someone could get mortgage arrears help is at the 'citizensinformation' website, the 'homeloanexperts' website, the 'keepyourhome' british website, the 'streetdirectory' website, and the 'bakerfinancial' british website.

Can a person receive child support from someone in jail?

Arrears would continue to accumulate and regular payments plus arrears would resume once released from jail.

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Why are you planning to do so, you vile person!

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Request for arrears and increment of salary?


Are veterans benefits paid in advance or arrears?


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