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Yes. Once a contract has been defaulted upon the lender can take whatever action allowed under the laws of the debtor's state to collect the debt. It is unlikely the lender will sue as long as the debtor continues to pay unless the amount is only a token one, for example $10.00. The account balance will continue to mount significantly due to penalties and interests even though the account has been closed, resulting in an even larger debt.

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Q: Can someone be sued if they have a credit card with a 20000 debt and they close the card and they are making payments but the payments are less than the monthly minimum?
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Is there a minimum income required to qualify for an income protection insurance?

Yes, a minimum income is required. Companies would not be able to offer protection to someone that cannot sustain monthly payments. Also credit is important.

What is the minimum monthly payment on credit cards?

reload credit card

What is it called when you pay off your credit cards monthly?

If you are referring to the monthly payments you make for a certain period in connection to a credit card loan, it is called monthly amortization.

How do you increase my credit limit?

Pay more than your monthly minimum. Credit companies watch that.

How do you get into credit card debt?

By using them & only making the minimum payments.

What are the minimum payments on a credit card?

Depends on how much you owe. The more you owe, the more the minimum payment.

What are the disadvantages of using a credit card with a zero percent APR?

Credit cards with a zero percent APR generally have minimum monthly payments that must be made in order to avoid costly charges. If your minimum payment is not made each month, you may be hit with costly penalty fees.

You have bad credit 7000 dollars for a used car can you get approved with low monthly payments?

Someone may approve you but you will have an outrageous percentage rate and your payments will be high. Safe to say with bad credit you will have payments over 500.00/month for 7,000. Try to get some of the money together or begin to repair your credit or set you sights lower for a cheaper vehicle.

Types of credit?

There are four basic types of credit. Service credit is monthly payments for utilities, loans let you borrow cash, installment credit, and credit cards.

What are credit line payments?

Credit Line payments are payments that you make monthly on a line of credit that you have with your local bank. Many line of credits are based on the equity in your home, but they usually charge much lower rates than a traditional bank loan.

Why is it unwise to pay minimum payments on your credit card?

It is unwise to pay minimum payments due on credit cards because the payment will cover only a small portion of the principal amount and more on interest and financial charges.

How can one lower credit cards monthly payments?

The best way to lower one's monthly credit card payments is calling the card issuer and explaining why one wishes to lower the rate. Depending on the creditor they may extend the due date.

Why if I am paying monthly payments on medical bills are they on my credit report?

If the bills were overdue and you are making payments as the result of being 'dunned,' and the bills are not yet paid in full, it will reflect on your credit report.

Can a credit card company charge off an account when they are receiving monthly payments?

Yes, if the monthly payment is not the minimum amount agreed upon, a breach of contract has occurred on the part of the account holder and the creditor may take whatever action they decide is warranted.

When should someone open their first credit card?

In my opinion, as soon as possible as length of credit history is a key factor in credit ratings. But if you're going to misuse the credit (run up large balances, default on monthly payments) then don't do it. Bad credit is harder to fix than no credit.

Why not make minimum payments on credit cards?

You pay longer & more interest overall.

Where do you mail your DISCOVER credit card payment?

There should be an address to mail payments to - on the reverse of your monthly statement.

Is opening up a bank account a good way of establishing credit?

Simply opening a bank account won't improve your credit, however if you take out a loan, and make payments on time, or if you have a credit card with them and make monthly payments on time that will help build your credit.

What company has the lowest interest credit cards?

Interest fees vary depending on the credit card company. Most companies apply interest based on your credit score and credit history. To obtain a lower interest rate, increase your monthly payments or make payments more frequently. The more payments you make the lower your interest will be.

What is Bad Credit Remortgage?

Bad credit remortgages can be used to stop monthly payments of a high interest or inflexible mortgage, which is a sweet deal for any adverse credit holder.

Do cell phones show on your credit right away after you sign the contract?

No. Cell phone companies do not report monthly payments to the credit bureau. They only check your credit for worthiness.

Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator?

Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator Use this calculator to determine how long it will take you to payoff your credit cards if you only make the minimum payments. Enter your credit card information below and press "View Report" to see your payoff details.

What is the minimum payment due on a credit card with a 50000 balance?

Most credit card issuers have moved to a monthly minimum payment due of 4% of the outstanding balance. For a $50,000 balance this would equate to $2,000. Some issuers only require 2% or 3% minimum payments, which would equate to $1,000 or $1,500, respectively. You would need to check with your credit card issuer to determine their particular minimum payment requirements. Check out to look at different scenarios.

Does paying off your car help your credit score?

To pay off debt yes, to make monthly payments no.

How do credit card companies stay affluent when so many card owners are in serious debt to them?

Credit Card companies issue terms concerning interest rates, that the user must agree to as part of the condition of being offered credit by the issuing company. If a user pays only the monthly minimum amount, required by the issuing company, the issuing company can charge a monthly interest rate that has nothing to do with the actual amount of credit used by the user. Issuing companies can also charge an Annual interest rate. In addition to interest rates, credit issuing companies can sell a debt to a Debt Collection Agency, if the user defaults on a pre-determined amount of payments. It is actually more lucrative for a Credit issuing company if a user does not pay their balance in total and only makes the minimum monthly payments