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Poor credit decreases the chances of getting a housing loan. However, many companies offer assistance to those with poor credit and it is never too late to improve one's credit and improve the chances of getting a housing loan.


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There are lots of places where someone can get a loan if he has a poor credit score. Some of these places are Spring Finance, Blemain Finance and Midland Credit.

Someone with poor credit can start shopping for an auto loan at a local credit union or bank. However, you may have more luck at a company that specializes in loans for people with poor credit, such as Nationwide Auto Lending or Car Loans for Everybody.

have poor credit need 5k personal loan where do i go

There is no way to guarantee someone will give you a home loan, but if you have poor credit, you can shop the same home lenders as someone with pristine credit. They will assist you in taking the steps to getting you approved for a home loan.

A loan shark is someone that lends people money that would not normally be able to get a loan from a bank due to bad credit ratings. So the reason that a loan shark will often target people with poor credit, is because the person is in desperate "need" of the money.

In this lending climate there are very very few options if your credit is poor. FHA loans are the most forgiving.

I have a good income but poor credit.

For people requiring loans when they have a poor credit rating then they may be able to get a poor credit loan from several companies advertising poor credit loans. Sites such as Tesco Bank and Norton Finance offer loans to people with poor credit.

Short term loan sharks will normally support people with poor credit scores. But they tend to charge much higher interest rates, an generally hurt more than they help. It is advisable to approach a credit rating agency to repair your credit score, and then approach your local bank for a loan.

If you have bad credit, getting a debt consolidation loan from your bank or credit union might be difficult. Some people may not have good credit, but not quite poor credit. If you have no major debts but still have so so credit you might be eligible for a loan from your bank.

In many cases, the interest rate for a poor credit loan is much higher than a loan you could get with a good credit score. Because of a low score, a business has to take a chance in giving someone a loan (for fear that they may not pay it back), which leads to the higher interest rate.

Credit Unions are more likely to offer a person with poor credit a loan and if there is no luck there I would try payday advance stations. If employed you can choose the bank on your payroll checks to apply for a loan.

It is possible to obtain a home loan if one has poor credit. Actually, that might make one eligible for a federal mortgage. Contact the local Housing and Urban Development office, as well as one's local bank or credit union to get more information and find out what all of the options are.

This is a very poor credit score. You can apply but it is unlikely you will get a loan without a cosigner. If you are able to get a loan without a cosigner your interest rate will be very high as compare to someone with a good credit score of over 700.

To get a poor credit mortgage loan in Ottawa a person needs to seek the advice of a lending company who can help you with getting a loan. Many times they will tell you how to get your credit in better standings so that you may get the loan.

Loan providers that offer loans for consumers with poor credit include the very popular Federal Auto Loan that supports people with bad credit. A consumer could also visit their bank for more poor credit loans

Someone might be interested in no credit check auto loans if they have bad or poor credit. Most major loan companies conduct credit checks and will screen out those with bad credit.

You can get a secured loan with poor credit online from the Secured Personal Loan Gofo website. However, to get a secured personal loan from companies like this, you may need property or other collateral.

If a customer's credit is really bad, then they may not be able to get a loan. If a customer's credit rating is poor, they may be able to get a loan at an APR of 12% - 15%.

There are very few actual dangers, however inconveniences of having a poor credit rating when one is applying for a loan are that the lower one's credit rating is, the less chance one has of gaining the loan one wants. Another inconvenience is that if one has a poor credit rating, one does not attract the more favorable interest rates that someone with a good credit rating will attract, and the amount of credit one is offered may well be a lot lower than a person with a favorable credit rating.

Car loans for those with poor credit can be obtained with a co-signer or someone that is willing to guarantee that the loan will be repaid completely. Without a co-signer a car loan could be obtained from a bank but the interest rate would be higher and there would be no grace period for late payments.

Someone with bad credit can apply for a home equity loan online using the services of websites like Privacy Matters, SF Matters and Poor Credit Loans UK. One can also go to a local bank and ask for some options.

The Lending Club and Go Loan are two online sources where one can apply for a personal loan with poor credit. Keep in mind however, the interest on these loans is likely to be very high.

One can find more information about getting a poor credit home equity loan by visiting their local bank and talking to an in regards to the issue. Also, they may visit a realty agency and discuss about the poor credit equity loan.

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