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yeah for some reason I had a friend score quite high on the SAT, the SAT it self + SAT 2 may not even be good enough for Yale.

AnswerEven with high numbers like yours, Yale is a bit out of reach. A senior I know couldn't get it. Here are his numbers:

completed the IB program 4.0 unweighted about 4.7 weighted 2320 on the sat 3 800's on the sat subject tests band/marching band for all four years

yeah..i was surprised he didnt get in, even with over the roof numbers and stuff.. but Ivy League schools don't just look for numbers.. many people who make it to Ivy's have something special about them. For example, organizing a marathon, or some other uncommon tasks.

Not to discourage you or anything. You should still apply.. because the person they are looking for might just be you.

Well applications are basically over now.. are you a senior or junior?

But really, those numbers are still WELL within range for Yale. I know people with higher scores who didn't get in. I also know people with LOWER scores who did. Plenty of people in my class have scores lower than that, actually, but they had something very special about them (amazing dancers, fabulous athletes, talented actors, award-winning musicians, started up a business, etc) that "made up" for the still-very-good-but-not-the-best scores! The person-above-me's friend (who sounds amazing!) may not have gotten in, but the fact is more than 90% of people who apply don't! Just b/c one high-scoring person didn't doesn't mean that you won't! You still have as good a shot as any with those solid numbers. Good luck!

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2011-09-12 15:56:59
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Q: Can someone get into Yale with a cumulative GPA of 3.9 and a 2200 on their SATs?
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