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i think you can.

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Q: Can someone have more than one growth spurt?
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Can you have more than one growth spurt?

Yes, most people have a series of growth spurts.

How do you know if your growth spurt is done?

The age can tell you if your age sprout has gone. For human beings, if you are more than 22 years than your growth sprout is done.

Is it normal not to have a growth spurt?

By no growth spurt do you mean you haven't grown at all, or you've grown slowly. If it's the latter I think it's normal. I started growing when I was like 12 I'm 17 and 5 foot 11 and never grew more than an inch or two per year and I seemingly stopped growing around 15 and a half. (except my feet recently grew) Depending on how old you are you could hit a growth spurt, or you could just be a slow grower like me. I'm hoping what you are probably hoping that I'll hit a big growth spurt, lol realistically I might have one inch left.

Which statement is trueThe growth spurt in girls usually starts about two years before it does in boys?

The growth spurt in girls usually starts about two years before it does in boys.

What are the best portion sizes of foods for adolescence?

The best portion sizes for adolescents are roughly a bit larger than an adult portion. This is due to their growth spurt requiring more calories.

How do you EXPLAIN a sudden growth spurt of 2-3 inches in height in less than one month without using growth hormone injections?

Your body makes its own growth hormones.

If you got your period at 9 and your now 13 but only an a cup will you ever grow?

Probably not much more than you already have. I suppose it is possible that you could hit another growth spurt, but it is not likely.

Did the Jonas brothers have their grown spirit?

They probbly have because they are so tall and handsome and they usually get your growth spurt sooner than their ages.

Why is your sister older than you but she's short?

It has to do with her genes, and her growth spurt. I may be taller than my older brother and almost taller than my mom, but that's because my dad is tall.

How long do a hair growth spurt last?

It depends on your genetics. Also, hormones have a lot to do with your growth. It also depends on whether you eat right and excercise daily. Usually you would hit your growth spurt once, slow down for a while, and grow some more. Funny huh?

How can you trigger a teen growth spurt faster without having to use over-the-counter growth hormones?

A growth spurt cannot be triggered sooner than it would naturally occur without hormones. As long as you eat a balanced diet you will grown normally to the height which you genetics are predetermined to make you. Also, don't forget to drink lots of milk for bone density.

When do you get your growth spurt?

well it depends you'll probably get it it when your 13,14,15 maybe even when your 16 but don't worry you ll probably be taller than you hoped :)