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Can someone living in a foreign country e-file US tax forms?


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Not with a foreign address unless it is a military address.


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where and How do you efile an injured spouse form?

A free efile is an electronic file that is provided for you at no cost. However, the definition of efile can depend on the context of the situation. An efile may also mean that the information must be provided electronically.

Different companies which offer free tax eFile services have different income and other requirements. Generally, having a 1099 will not disqualify you for a free eFile. The website also has a list of free eFile companies.

January 17th, IRS begins to accept efile taxes.

eFiling can be a quick and easy way to submit your appropriate tax paperwork. Visit: for more information on how to efile. Good luck!

The quickest way to get your tax refund is eFile and then have it direct deposited into your bank account. Visit: for more information on how to efile. Good luck!

A commercial tax software is needed for the preparation of one's tax returns. Filing the eFile is just clicking on a button. There is no additional charges for the eFile if you have a commercial tax software.

Yes you can. If your income is $58,000 or less,you can normally download free efile. The government in most countries can supply people with software.

Income tax efile is easy and free. You can file your tax return from the comfort of your home and have everything at your fingertips to complete your filing.

Places like Jackson Hewitt will efile your taxes for free, but it they have to figure up your taxes, it can cost as little as $35 or $45 for the simple 1040EZ

Efile as Early as Jan 16th.

Efile and direct deposit....should take from 5-7 days....can tk up to 10 tho.

There are many great online tax services that have an efile feature. The best and easiest websites are H&R Block and another which I have used,

To some it may be easy to file efile income tax but for others it may be difficult and complex. This question highly depends on the person's familiarity of filing taxes.

Traditionally when filling your taxes you must fill out the paperwork and send it in, in a envelopes. With the new Efile method you can file your taxes on the internet, which allows you to file them without having to send them in a envelope.

You can find a 1099 form for IRS at the following,,id=100422,00.html or,,id=100422,00.html

No. But you can use a computer to prepare it and then print out the forms and mail them.

Efile online. is free.

Around 3 weeks unless you efile.

Of course you can file your federal taxes online. Look up how to do it at Give yourself plenty of time though and don't assume that you can wait until the last minute to efile.

H&R Block will allow you to efile a simple state tax return for only $9.95. You can also go to Jackson Hewitt and do this. TurboTax will do this also for a couple more dollars.

Yes, the eFile tax return filing system is completely safe for home use. There is no need to worry about your security, as long as you keep up with the maintenence on your computer.

Go to the IRS website and you can file for free

An E file tax extension is where a filer requests for extra time to file their taxes through the internet. The way to do so can be found at,,id=206000,00.html.

There are a number of online websites that offer federal income tax calculators. Some of these websites include H&R Block, efile, Turbo Tax and 1040.

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