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on the fuse panel it is fuse number 10 usually a 30amp fuse

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Does Hugo Boss make cigarette lighters?

Hugo Boss may licence their logo to someone who does.

What do you call someone who collects lighters?


Can you get herpes from sharing a cigarette with someone with genital herpes?

Herpes is spread by skin-to-skin contact. If someone has genital herpes, their herpes lesions, presumably, are not in contact with the cigarette. Therefor, you can't get herpes from sharing a cigarette with someone with genital herpes unless they're putting the cigarette somewhere near their genitals.

Where could someone purchase a Zippo lighter?

Zippo lighters can be purchased directly from the Zippo website. They offer many different styles and designs. They even offer customized and personalized lighters.

What is a dog end?

A dog end is a cigarette butt, the small stub of cigarette that is left after someone has smoked it.

Can you get syphilis from sharing a cigarette?

You won't get syphilis from smoking with someone who has it.Syphilis won't be passed after smoking a cigarette.

What effect does cigarette smoke have on someone with a pacemaker?

One cigarette is equal to three hours dope session.

Can you get herpes by sharing a cigarette with someone?

It is possible, but not likely.

Can you get a disease from smoking someone else cigarette?


Where can someone buy cigarette tobacco by mail?


How does cigarette affect a persons mood?

a cigarette effects the mood because it could effect the brain of someone by chemicals

Why is my Echo 2001 cigarette lighter locked?

Maybe someone wanted to stop someone else from using it?

Why do I smell cigarette smoke when it's not there?

Cigarette smoke "stays with you"; if you smoke or hang around someone who does, the smell of the smoke will stay on your clothes & in your hair.

What is a marine scientist?

it is someone that controls marines.

Can shooting a cigarette bud out of a gun kill someone?

Anything is possible.

How can you tell that someone has just smoked a cigarette?

They smell like smoke.

What is in a cigarette that makes someone addicted?

Cigarettes contain the drug called Nicotine.

Can you get herpes from smoking a cigarette with someone who has oral herpes?

Yes, it is highly contagious.

What is the word for someone who controls people?

Control Freak

Was Michael Jackson someone who controls a band?

he wrotesongs

Can you catch aids if you share a cigarette with no filters with someone who has aids?

It would be almost impossible to obtain HIV infection if you share a cigarette either with or without filters.

What happens with someone shared a cigarette with me he had aids would i get it? will be infected immediately as HIV is transmitted through cigarette filters. Sharing chewing tobacco should not be a problem.

Someone who is controlling the actions of others is using?

Someone who controls the actions of others is using coercion.

Name something you wish someone wont do in your car?

Burn cigarette holes in the seats.

How does fire natural occurs in forest?

it can be caused by lightning or someone left a campfire or cigarette

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