Can someone tell me how to put on basic and easy but gorgeous makeup in less than 15 minutes for school?

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January 14, 2009 7:39PM

This normally takes me around 10 minutes: Start with a base- a touch of foundation, concealer where necessary (under the eyes for me because I have quite bad dark circles, but it depends on you), a swirl of bronzer if you're feeling flirty! If you don't need foundation, don't wear it - natural glowing skin can't be beaten. then, brush a black or (especially for school, it is almost invisible but makes your eyes look gorgeous) grey eyeliner onto your lower lashline, from the outer edge to about halfway in. Plenty of mascara is always good, and a soft gold shimmer eyeshadow is subtle but really pretty. If your school lets you wear makeup, by all means be more bold- this is what I do in a school that doesn't let you wear makeup but doesn't notice if it's subtle. If you're strapped for time, instead of doing your eyeliner as above, gently pull the skin beneath your eye and apply black eyeliner to the inner rim. This makes the whole process take about 5 minutes, but it can make your eyes look a bit small and needs reapplying every few hours.