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Can someone who cheated find happiness with the one they hurt?

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It depends on the person they have cheated on. The bank of fidelity and trust is indeed a tough creditor, you make a deposit in an another account and they will generally close yours. Even if you recover, it will take months and years to earn the credit you once have and you will still have that one blemish on your record. So I believe they can find happiness with the one they hurt. The question is will the one they hurt ever be happy with them?

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What do you do when you find out your close guy friends is being cheated on?

I would tell him.. It's the best thing to do. He Is goig to get hurt either way but it's better for him to find out from someone elese than to find out on his own.. That would break his heart.

What is the meaning of cheated death?

Meaning someone who did something very dangerous w/o getting hurt or killed.

How do you move on if husband cheated you?

You should look for someone new. Go out with some friends and find a guy you may like, if your looking for dating. If not, just take it easy, and don't let anything he says or do hurt you in any way. Be strong.

Revenge on a guy who cheated on his girlfriend?

hurt him with the one thing he cares the most. find a way like if he has a girlfriend tell her what happen then ask her if she would cheat on him

How do you get boyfriend back after he cheated on me?

not to be rude but if he cheated on you i would not take him back. find some one else there are plenty of fish in the sea. no man should cheat on there girl. because he cheated on you if you do get him back he's going to do it again and again behind your back and im not trying to be rude just trying to keep you from getting hurt again

Why should child abuse stop?

Because it leaves the child with physical and psychological scars that can forever hinder their happiness in life. It's not fair that someone should take a child's happiness away and leave them confused, doubtful, hurt, and remorseful for the rest of their life.

How do you tell a girl that she is being cheated on when she thinks I'm just jealous?

Let her find out for herself and get hurt if she won't listen to you. She'll come back to you later and tell you that you were right.

If wife cheated with guy bigger cock than you would you be hurt?

If your wife cheated on you with ANYBODY you should feel hurt. The size of his penis is a side-issue of much less importance. Sounds like your vanity is more wounded than your feelings.

How can you be hurt emmotionaly and fisicaly?

When you hurt someone emotionally, is when you say mean things to them. Or pick on someone with low self-esteem.When hurt someone fiscally is when you abuse them constantly.When you hurt someone emotionally, it would take longer to heal then when you hurt someone fiscally.Hope this helps !!Good Luck

How did Robert Pattinson feel when Kristen Stewart cheated on him?

appalled, shocked, intensely hurt.....devastated.

You told your partner for a year that you cheated and was going to for a year now you believe he has cheated on you?

What you need to do it sit down with him & have a serious talk; ask him without shouting at him or accusing. If he has, however, you have no right to be sad or upset. If you want to cheat then face the consequences. You hurt someone because of your recklessness. What comes around goes around.

What can you say to your girlfriend to get her back after you cheated on her?

There is nothing to say. Cheating, if you want to cheat then face the consequences. Just stay single if you want to flirt like crazy; don't hurt someone because of your recklessness.

What do you do if someone breaks your heart what do you do for revenge?

There is a quote. The best revenge is to be unlike him who preformed the injury. -Marcus Aurelius If someone has hurt you, the last thing you want to do is to turn yourself into a hurtful person as well. It will make you no better than the person you want to act out against. Instead, pick up and move on. There are other ways to find happiness.

Is hurt a noun or adjective?

It can be an adjective (a hurt knee, hurt feelings). It can also be a verb (to hurt someone or something, or to be hurt) or more colloquially a noun (injury or harm e.g the hurt done someone).

How do I know if have hurt someone I am not sure?

if you are interested to know that u have hurt sum1 or not then at first you have to know him or her. how is he or she. you have to know her mental conditions. you have to feel his or her thoughts. if you can do tht then you will surely find tht he or she has got hurt by you or not.

Should you agree to meet the girlfriend of a guy who has been cheating on her with you?

NO! You're just setting yourself up to get hurt. You'll compare yourself to her, and trust me, no guy is worth the pain and agony. Plus a guy who cheated on you? Please. Best of luck and you'll find someone truly special one day :)

How do you hurt someone you love?

The one possible way to do this is break up .But you should not hurt someone you love. If you hurt them ,you will also get hurt.

What do you do when you cheated on the boyfriend and he finds out?

If you were cheating... That's totally unfair to him. He loves you and you should have never cheated. If you were determined to be with someone else, you should have broken up with him first. But since it's too late now... Okay. Here's the deal. He will feel very hurt that you betrayed his trust in you. You should apologize to him and break up with the person you cheated with. Then, it may take a while... Or... He may never trust, or love, you ever again.

How can your heart mend once deceived?

When your heart is decieved, it will probably never mend in some way. It will always hurt, but you could easily heal it if you find someone else. I thought my crush loved me, but he apparently loves someone else. I was so hurt, i couldn't stop thinking about it for ages. Until I found someone else. He healed me, and i never think about the person who broke my heart ever again. It will hurt, but if you find someone else, your heart will certainly mend.

Why must love hurt?

Coz love is everything,love is hurt,happiness,sadness,drug,pains,emotion,feeling and ect

How do you hurt someone with out touching them?

well u could shoot someone or u could hurt their feelings

If someone is hurt on the job, he deserves workers' compensation.?

If someone is hurt on the job, he deserves workers' compensation.

Can a virgin get hurt if someone fingers her?

She won't get hurt but she can Bleed

Can you find love again even with a child?

Absolutely. Someone might be looking for a fresh start, new girlfriend, and family. ANSWER: Definitely as long as you have your faith and heart you can ans will love again. It doesn't matter how bad we been hurt by our spouse, as long as you know who you are and what you wanted in life, you will find that happiness again. As long as we are all alive our feelings will never stop. I was betrayed, I was hurt but now I'm happy again and I know you can as well, just be patience.

Will your girlfriend take you back after you cheated?

This depends if she still loves you. And if you really hurt her, she will have a problem trusting you for a long time.