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If the have all the right and working reproductive organs then yes. A man who had a sex change that got pregnant was on Oprah in early 2008.

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Can a man get pregnant by animal?

No; A man cannot get pregnant unless he has had a gender change and has had a uterus placed in his body.

Can you change gender with a spell?

There is no spell to change your gender. Only surgery will change your gender.

What is the spell to change your gender?

There is no spell to change your gender. Only surgery will change your gender.

Can mice change their gender?

can mice change gender

How do you you change your gender on runscape?

To change your gender, you have to go in and make a new account with the gender you want. There is no way to make an in game sex (gender) change.

How do you know gender during pregnancy?

How do know gender during pregnant

How can change gender in aqworlds game?

you cant change gender

What is the gender of a pregnant hamster?

A pregnant hamster, by definition, must be female.

How do you change your gender on Pokemon mystery dungeon 2?

You can not change your gender

How do you change your gender on AQWorlds?

You cannot change your gender in AQW unfortunatly :(

Could you change the gender of a Pokemon?

No you cannot change the gender of any Pok

Can you magically change gender?

No, literally impossible to magically change into a different gender

Can a trans gender male to female get pregnant?


What is meant by gender reassignment?

When you change gender from woman to man or man to woman. They change your genitals to the other gender by surgery.

What does it mean when you accidentally say you slept with someone?

Depends what gender and how close you were to each other. Also, did you have any clothes on? If you were with the opposite gender, naked, and hugging/snuggling for quite some time, then the female is probably pregnant.

What gender can you get 2 days after ovulation?

You cannot get pregnant two days after ovulation. During ovulation however, gender is 50/50. You will be able to see which gender your child is after being pregnant for 7 weeks.

Can you get pregnant from someone being sterile?

No, someone who is sterile can not get pregnant or get anyone pregnant.

Can a transvestite in the US marry a person of the same sex they used to be?

I think there is some confusion in the vocabulary here. A transvestite is someone who habitually wears clothing associated with another gender. What clothing you wear has no effect on whom you can marry. I believe you are asking if someone who has undergone gender reassignment surgery can then marry someone of their birth gender. The answer is yes. It is possible to change your legal gender and, once you have done so, you are free to marry someone of the opposite gender, regardless of whether your state has legalized same-sex marriage.

Can you change your gender in aq worlds?

You can now change your gender in Yulgar for 1000 AC ;)

How do you change your gender?

Actually, you cannot change your gender. But you can correct your sex with hormones and surgery.

Me and my girlfriend are getting married and we are both girls is there anyway I can get pregnant with HER kids if she gets a gender change?

With a gender change, sadly you will still not be able to produce children for the reason that, since you both are girls, you both produce eggs. For a child to develop, you need an egg and sperm.

What is gender fluidity?

That is basically when someone is not locked into gender roles.

Is there a glich to change your gender in gta 5 but in xbox one?

No, there is no glitch to change your gender in GTA 5 on Xbox One. You simply have to change your gender in the settings menu.

Is someone neuter gender?

No, the indefinite pronoun someone is a common gendernoun, a word for a male or a female. A neuter word is a word for something that has no gender.

Can a guinea pigs change gender?

No. Mammals cannot change gender without medical intervention.