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From the information I have gotten, it all depends if u can get a waiver. Most of the time u can, depending if you are not having any more trouble with the disorder... U need documents from a doctor stating that you are ok, and arent sick anymore with the disorder.

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Q: Can someone with OCD or anorexia join the military?
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What disorder is related to OCD?


What are some mental illness?

ADHD, OCD, Bipolar, bulima, anorexia, depression, skitzophrenia, anxiety .....

Which psychological problem is often associated with anorexia nervosa?

Many psychological probelms can be associated with anorexia. The three most common are depression, OCD, and BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder).

How do you tell someone they have OCD?

go on and click ocd. look at symptoms and see if they match.

What do you call someone who wants to have everything straight?


Can someone with Asperger's Syndrome have OCD?

Yes. My mother told me she thought I had a touch of OCD because I was so perfectionistic.

Who is at risk for development of anorexia nervosa?

Anyone can develop anorexia, but it is most commonly seen in middle- or upper-class Caucasian women between the ages of 12 and 26. Many also will struglle with other mental disorders such as depression or OCD.

What age is OCD diagnosed?

OCD is diagnosed when symptoms start to become noticeable, which can be at any age. Most of the time, OCD symptoms become noticeable when a preteen/teen hits puberty. OCD can be diagnosed when someone is as young as 13 or as old as 60. It is different for everyone.

What are the long term social effects of anorexia?

Depression Isolation Low self esteem Low sense of self worth OCD Paranoia Trust / Fear of relationships

What do you call someone with an uncontrolled obsession?

you can call them OCD obsessiv compulsive disorder.

How does a doctor test someone for OCD?

The ways for a doctor to test someone for OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, are many. If symptoms leads them to believe the patient may be a sufferer, the doctor will refer them to a specialist for a second option.

If you have tourette's syndrom can you get in the military?

This depends on the severity of the Tourette's. If your Tourette's is mild, and it will not prevent you from firing a weapon or cause you to hurt a friendly, then yes. But you can't join if you require any kind of medication for it, and you can't join if you have a co-occurring comobrid condition such as OCD or ADHD. You cannot join if your twitches disable you in any way, and if you have a serious twitch then you may be considered dangerous.

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