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Yes, many things, blood transfusions can cause death if they give the wrong type, as of wrong blood group or of Rh positive to negative.

Also it is possible to be exposed to a bloodying pathogen such as HIV or hepatitis. Modern testing greatly reduces this risk, but there still remains a small risk. Blood typing/matching errors are extremely rare. There is always a risk (albeit small) any time you receive tissue into your body from another person whether it is blood, an organ, bone, skin, etc.

============= FROM THOMAS, --You might consider carefully the latest change of the use of Non-Blood-Surgery, medicine & therapy by the Dept. of Defense ( military): On the "Clinical Posters" web site this is stated by the Military: "U.S. Military Training for Bloodless Surgery" "Non-blood Medical management, once considered a fanatical patient view of Jehovah's Witnesses is now becoming the gold standard for surgery" ( does not permit web addresses for reference) ---

ALSO THE COMMITMENT by the Military with the Elmwood , New Jersey Hospital by the grant of some 4.6 million dollars with the Hospital for training & use of technology with their medical staff ! Their ground breaking activity has been in use for 15 yrs.

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Q: Can something go wrong by having a blood transfusion?
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What happen to a person who receives the wrong type of blood?

Transfusion of the wrong blood type results in a transfusion reaction wherein the body rejects the incoming blood. This has fatal consequences

Why are people with O-negative blood the most at risk of being given the wrong type of blood during a blood transfusion?

the question to the wrong blood transfusion is because one is they pick up the wrong blood bag 2n or there out of there blood type can give the person the wrong transfused becuase they want to

What is the most serious complication of transfusion with the wrong blood?


What happens if a patient receives the wrong blood type during transfusion?

Blood cogulate!

What are some symptoms of getting the wrong blood in a blood transfusion?

Some symptoms of a mild transfusion reaction from getting the wrong blood are chills, fever, dizziness, flushed skin, back pain, and the presence of blood in urine. These symptoms can manifest when a person is receiving the transfusion or shortly after. In some cases, a person also can have a severe transfusion reaction that can cause symptoms like shock, decreased blood pressure, and a rapid pulse.

What can go wrong during a blood transfusion?

A person can be given the wrong Blood group and/or the body could REJECT the Blood just as it can reject a donated organ.

If you have type A blood why would it be dangerous to have a transfusion of type b blood?

Your blood if injected with the wrong type will cause clotting which is pretty severe.

What happens if a person gets the wrong blood during a transfusion?

the pulse will increase, the temperature will increase , and the blood pressure will drop

What are the useful of knowing the blood groups?

if you have a blood transfusion, knowing your blood group means you can tell the doctor, and get the right blood into you, or it can clot, if they put the wrong blood type into you

Why is it important to get the right blood type during a transfusion?

A reaction to the wrong type could be fatal.

What is a transfusion and why is it important to get the right type of blood?

blood transfusion are when you have blood in a bag and you receive blood because you have lost a lot of blood and you have to make up for that blood.If you put the wrong type of blood in,it may give you a reaction because the blood will attack any kind f blood that you do not have,because it will think is an intruder.

Do diabetic people need blood transfusions?

No. A blood transfusion would not help a diabetic person, since there is nothing wrong with their blood in the first place.

What happens a person that is donated the wrong blood?

A mismatch of blood types can cause a fatal reaction- the person getting the transfusion can die.

What happens if someone is given the wrong blood type during a blood transfusion?

the person will become very ill or even may die.

Why is blood type checked before a transfusion?

If it is the wrong type, the red blood cells of the person clump together . Clots form in the blood vessels, and the person dies.

Wi lost a lot of blood and my heart rate went up to 185needed 2 transfusion can something go wrong in the years to comehat happens when your heart rate goes up to 185?


What could be wrong if blood is in urine?

something is wrong haha

What is if you have lost blood?

that is a chance that something is wrong with you

Why are blood type tests necessary?

It is important because if you ever needed a blood transfusion or organ transplant it will help get the best match to you. If you are given the wrong type there could be problems afterwards.

Why is knowledge of ones blood group essential during blood transfusion?

If you give someone the wrong blood type then the body rejects it and the white blood cells will "think" its a cell that will harm so they will attack and cause clots to appear in the blood stream.

What is the most uncommon blood type?

The most uncommon blood type is AB-, only 1% of caucasians have this blood type, this is why it is so important to have your blood type tested properly. If you ever needed a blood transfusion it could potentially be deadly if given the wrong the blood.

Anyone having a problem with AOL?

No but is there something wrong?

Why do doctors need to know about blood typing?

So that if you need a blood transfusion you can't cross contaminate the other person Because if the wrong blood types mix it could cause clumping. this can kill you

Why is it important to know your blood type?

If you are injured or have certain illness that needs blood they may receive a blood transfusion to replace lost blood, but before transfusion heath care workers must identify patients blood type. If the wrong blood type is given the persons, blood clumps and blocks tiny capillaries, oxygen does not get to cells, and without oxygen, cells die. If you are severely injured and need blood it saves time if they know your blood type. It also is handy for DNA purposes.

Is proudness a synonym for contrition?

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