Can sound travel underwater why?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Can sound travel underwater why?
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Can sound travel underwater?


Does the depth density of water affect sound underwater?

It makes the sound travel further

Does sound travel faster under water or in air?

underwater x

Does sound travel faster underwater or in air?

under water because of the water

When you travel at subsonic speed are you underwater?

Speed has nothing to do with where you are. You can travel below the speed of sound pretty much anywhere.

Why do things sound different under water?

because sound waves travel at different distances and speeds underwater plus the water is in your ear.

What experiment can prove that sound waves can travel underwater?

get something metallic hit it on the table and then put it in a bole.

Can nukes travel underwater?

Yes. There nuclear torpedoes that can travel underwater and destroy ships.

Does sound travel under water faster than in air?

Sound should travel with less energy loss underwater as water has a more tightly packed particles than air and so can travel between the particles with less energy loss than in air but its speed is the same.

Is there sound underwater?


How far will a sonar pulse travel in 45 seconds?

It will depend on the speed of sound in the medium. Sonar is often used for underwater location and the speed of sound through water is quite different from the speed of sound through air.

Does sound travel under water in the deep ocean?

MAGIC!!!!! no really, sound travels underwater even fast than out of water. sound is just a vibration that your eardrums hear and send the message to your brain, and your brain converts it into a message that we know as sounds!