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No. Pregnancy tests detect hormones called hcG which is made in the placenta of a fertilized egg. Sperms cannot have these hormones and therefore shouldn't effect the result of the pregnancy test.

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Can cranberry juice effect a urine test for Oxycontin vicodin valieum?

no but it can effect a urine test for marijuana

Can a pregnancy test say positive if there is sperm in your urine?


Will Ritalin make me fail a urine drug test?

No, if it is a regular urine drug test then Ritalin should have no effect on the result as it is prescribed for many circumstances, however if specifically tested for Ritalin will show up in drug tests.

What is a normal result for a urine drug test?


How will Adderall effect a urine test?

if you have taken it days or less prior to the urine drug test. it will show up as meth.

How long does it take for a urine cotinine test to come back from the lab?

In my OB's office seconds. They do a urine test right there and have an result.

Can caffeine cause positive amphetamine result in urine test?


Can sugar in your urine effect a pregnancy test?

No, not at all! ~pawsalmighty

Can snuff tobacco cause urine test result of metamphetamine?

i took a urine test and chewed right before it and nothing came up

Can a tampon alter urine pregnancy test result?

Tampons do not alter the accuracy of a pregnancy test. The test detects a chemical in urine that isn't changed by tampon use.

Can semen cause a positive result for meth on a urine drug test?


Can stress effect a pregnancy test?

Stress cannot effect a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test measures the chemical HCG in the body, either by blood or urine. Stress has no effect on the production of HCG.

What is the meaning of having a negative result of sugar in urine test?

Urine with negative or no sugar is a good, normal finding.

what is the best home pregnancy test for earliest result?

the pregnancy test tube being dimped in urine

In the standard 5 panel urine test will they test for Vyvanse or aderrall specifically?

No, but they will test for the broader category of amphetamines, and both Aderrall and Vyvanse will result in a positive amphetamine result on a drug test.

What medication can result in a false positive drug test for THC?

Nothing. THC is a molocule. Only THC in your urine can provide a positive test result

What would cause a positive result on a urine test for marijania?

Smoking marijuana.

Can having hyperthyroidism cause a false negative result on a urine test for opiates?


Can Ovulex affect a pregnancy test result?

Hello, Ovulex will not effect a pregnancy test result. Only medication containing HCG will effect a pregnancy test result. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please note this is advice only & is not to be used in place of a Medical experts. ------------------------------------------------------------

How long can 1 Vicodin effect a urine test?

3 to 4 days

Can breathing secod hand marijuana smoke result in a positive urine drug test result?

if you breathe enough of it

Do you have to take a urine test for herpes?

No, you don't take a urine test for herpes. The right test is a swab test of any bumps suspected to be herpes. There's a blood test that can tell you if you were exposed to herpes, but most adults get a positive result.

What does two purple lines mean on a urine drug test?

That's a negative result...

You had your urine test done yesturday it say pus cells occasional?

If a urine test was done yesterday and the result was pus cells occasional, that may be a sign of infection. The doctor that reads the result should have a clearer diagnosis of what is going on with the results.

Result for Heller's test positive reaction?

Heller's test is used to clinically detect the presence of albumin (protein) in urine.