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No, sperm only lasts approximately 4-5 days.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-26 00:13:04
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Q: Can sperm stay in you for months?
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How long does cocaine stay in your sperm?

3<6 months

Can sperm stay alive for months inside a womens body?

Not for months, no. I believe the maximum time is about 72 hours.

How long does a sperm cell stay in the females body?

Well, up to nine months if it is fertilized, but usually sperm will die off and be absorbed/excreted within 48 hours.

Does sperm totally reproduce every three months?

Does sperm totally reproduce every three months?"

What are facts sperm whales?

sperm whales can stay underwater for 90 minutes

After male sperm in vagina should you stay still?

You do not have to stay still. If you are trying to become pregnant you should stay on your back for a few seconds (to allow the sperm to get deep inside).

How long does the sperm stay in the vagina after a man came inside a woman?

Sperm can stay alive 3-5 day inside a woman.

Does the sperm have to stay in the vagina for the woman to get pregnant?

Yes, at least one sperm has to stay in the vagina and work its way up to the female's eggs.

How many months does a horse stay pregnant?

horses stay pregnant for 11 months

Can sperm stay inside the vagina even if you have to urinate?

Sperm and urine are not in the same place.

What happens to sperm if they stay in testicles for a long time?

They will be "recycled" and more sperm will be formed.

How many months does it take to make a sperm?

Actually its takes a matter of seconds to produce a sperm. Millions of sperm are produced in a day.

How do you get sperm to stay inside?

Stand on your head.

Does sperm stay in you?

They are rinsed out by discharge when they die.

What is the gestation period for a sperm whale?

Gestation period for the sperm whale is 15 to 16 months

How long can sperm stay alive if collected in a sealed container?

how long can sperm stay alive if kept in a sealed container until incerting into the vagina?

Can a male pitbull at 9 months have sperm?

Yes they usually have sperm around 5 to 6 months dude i have one i want to make is shag a cow

How many months do cheetah cubs have to stay with there mom?

cheetahs stay with there mom for 2 months

How long will sperm survive without fertilisation?

well i think that the sperm can stay alive utill the sperm has met the egg then it will make a baby and the the sperm will die.

What happens after the egg and sperm meet?

when the egg and sperm meet the egg is then fertilized with the sperm and 9 months later eventually a pregnancy will occur.

What age can a male labrador produce viable sperm?

They can produce viable sperm as young as 4 months.

Does a baby swans stay with its mother?

about seven months. the babies stay thirty five days in the eggs and they stay with its mother for 6 months.

Can you stay eight months out of US with green card?

Can you stay eight months out of US With green card ?

how many months do dogs stay pregnant?

58 โ€“ 68 day

Will sperm stay alive if you put it in the fridge?

probably not