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maybe for a couple hours until it dries up, if it got wet from pool water, you'd think the chlorine would kill it off..

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What is it like to wear floaties?

Wearing floaties is awkward if you know how to swim. It is like being lifted up by the arms.

What is it like to wear arm floaties?

Wearing floaties is awkward if you know how to swim. It is like being lifted up by the arms.

Without water how do the sperm of plants survive?

Because of your penis is dry, your sperm might finished as dust. so how do they survive? you have to ask a girl to make your horny, you'll get wet and then (let's say it like this) your "sperm activities" will go back to its normal life.

Could you get a girl pregnant if sperm dries on your penis for about 30 minutes and you put it in for about ten seconds?

The chances of that happening are like non existent. Sperm can not survive outside the vagina very long.

What does budgie sperm look like?

like sperm

How do the air sacs in birds make them lighter?

I believe that air sacs on a bird are like floaties on a human. {If I am wrong please correct me.}

Can pee act like sperm?

No But i'm a girl , and i'm freaking out if girls have sperm and if it can act like a boys sperm Do girls have sperm? if they do can they act like a boys sperm? They don't have it

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Sperm or semen smells like bleach.

What shape is the sperm?

The shape of a sperm is like a like a sphere with a small tail.

Is sperm sticky like rubber?

Yes sperm is sticky - but Rubber is not. So therefore Sperm is not sticky like rubber.

Do Glowlight Tetra fish survive and breed in stale water or how about all types of tetra fish?

survive YES but not breed because there in no water flow so the sperm is unlikely get to the eggs !! k if it is wrong like my spelling sorry?

What does live sperm look like?

The sperm are like tadpoles , some sperm have small heads and some sperms havebig heads.

How does bacteria survive?

There are three types of bacteria. Some bacteria are animal-like. The prey on the on other bacteria for food in order to survive. Other bacterias are fungi (mushroom) like. They survive by getting nutrients from dead objects. The fungi -like bacteria is commonly used today s yeast or for curing infections. The third type of bacteria is plant-like. They use photosynthesis to make thei food.

Why is there sugar in sperm?

because sperm is sweet like sugar

Why do the girls like drink the sperm?

i love sperm, it is delicious

How does sperm move?

Sperm has tails and they swim like tadpoles

Where is sperm stored in a earthworms?

sperm is stored in what is simply reffered to as the sperm duct at the end of the worm worms produce mucus like slime to exchange there sperm the rest is like a human

What does horse sperm look like?

Horse sperm is very similar to human sperm in morphology.

Do you like sperm?

yes It's hard not to like sperm. It is the foundation of the future of the human race.

Can you mix sperm with your body cream?

I don't see why not. If you like smelling like sperm..

What does cat sperm look like?

Cat sperm looks just like a humans. There is not a difference between them.

Do women have fluid like sperm?

Yes but without the sperm of course.

How do ypu get sperm out?

Are you saying you? like how do YOU get sperm out? Well simple: masturbation

Does milk have cow sperm in it?

No Just like how human milk has no sperm in it

What are earthworm cells like?

They are like sperm