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No thank God! They have to be in fluid.

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Q: Can sperms swim in air
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What does the sperms tail do?

it allows the sperm to swim

Do sperms swim to eggs on fungi plants?


What are the advantages of sperms that can move about?

They can move about 'swim' and find an egg to fertilize.

Do sperms have flagella?

Yes they have a flagellum. It helps to swim towards ovum

Does sperm swim in groups?

it usually swims in groups but sometimes individual sperms tend to go ahead of the other sperms which makes them the leading sperm. sperms also have swimming lessons every weekend

Why sperm cells contain large numbers of mitochondria?

Sperms need large numbers of mitochondria to produce a lot of energy that is needed for the sperms to swim to the egg for reproduction.

Why is mitochondria important in sperm cells?

Sperms should swim actively. This energy is provided by mitochondria.

How does a baby develop inside its mother's body?

Females have eggs and males have sperms. When the sperms swim and matts the egg it defuses and that cell divides to form an un borne baby

Is sperm has something energy?

Sperms are packed with Mitochondria, which produces the high amounts of energy required by the sperm to swim.

Why do you have a sperm count test?

It is done when people are trying to get pregnant and have no success at it. The sperms can be lazy and not swim or too few.

How many sperm swim toward an egg?

well in a way they all do (millions), that's what the sperms purpose is, its to go after the egg.

Can anyone swim in air?

No its not possible. Air is too thin to swim in. Even if you could "swim" in the air it would not be called swimming. You would be flying. So, no it's not possible.

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