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yes. they hear by using the hairs on their legs.

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How does spiders hear?

They don't hear they sense vibrations.

Do spiders have hair so they can hear?


Can spiders hear if they've just recently been submerged in water?

Spiders hear with tiny hairs on their legs called thrichobotria. They still work if the spider is wet.

Why does Bilbo sing songs to the spiders?

Bilbo sang songs to the spiders to infuriate them and bring them all after him, and also to let the dwarves hear his voice.

How do spiders smell?

Awful. Im sorry I couldnt help myself. Spiders do not have noses, they detect smell with scent sensitive hairs located on their legs. Also, Spiders do not have ears so they also hear this way, and they also do more things this way/

What sound does a black widow spider make?

Spiders don't really make noise that humans can hear. You might hear them rustling if it's really really quiet, but they're tiny animals so you probably won't hear anything at all.

What are the most common spiders in Wisconsin?

Jumpimg spiders, wolf spiders, fishing spiders, cobweb spiders, barn spiders, cellar spiders, funnel spider (grass spider), garden spider.

What are the names of the species of spiders?

their are :wolf spiders, tarantula's spiders,fly spiders,bird eating spiders,spider monkeys

What are examples of spiders?

wolf spiders, bolas spiders.

What do grass spiders eat and what eats grass spiders?

grass spiders eat other spiders

What features does spiders have?

Spiders have 8 legs. Spiders spin webs. Spiders can walk. I hope this helped



What is the collective noun for a group of spiders?

it is a army of spidersMost sites list the collective noun for spiders as a cluster or clutter of spiders.A cluster of spiders

What kingdom are spiders in?

Spiders belong to the kingdom Animalia.

What is indoor spiders?

Indoor spiders are spiders that live indoors(homes)

What are spiders?


What kinds of spiders are found in Wyoming?

Spiders found in Wyoming include: Brown Recluse Black Widow Hobo Spider Jumping Spiders Nursery Web Spiders Sac Spiders Comb-footed Cobweb Orb Weavers Common House Spider Funnel Web Spiders Daddy Long Legs or Cellar Spiders Grass Spiders Ground Spiders Crab Spiders

5 different types of spiders which is indoor and outdoor?

Five different types of spiders which are both indoor and outdoor include wolf spiders, sac spiders, fishing spiders, sowbug spiders, jumping spiders, and jumping spiders. These are commonly found both in and around the home.

Are there any spiders in the Maldives?

The Maldives have several types of spiders including brown Huntsman spiders, black widows, lynx spiders and Argiope anasuja (orb spiders).

Do Crab Spiders Eat Other Spiders?

yes but only some sorts of spiders and only spiders smaller then themselfs.

Are fishing spiders insects?

No. Fishing spiders are hunting spiders of the genus Dolomedes.

What are spiders type of reproduction?

Spiders lay eggs which then hatch into little spiders.

What is the correct name for a group of spiders?

a group of spiders, or maybe a colony of spiders

Are the spiders in my rabbit's hutch dangerous?

Spiders!If they are real get them out Rabbits are scared of Spiders!

What type of spiders can kill you?

Black widow spiders can kill you