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Can starting a antidepressant mess up your period cycle?

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Nope anti-depressants shouldn't effect your period cycle.

2006-08-17 22:51:47
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Can vitamins and antibiotics mess up period?

Yes they can. Medications mess with your hormones which in return messes with your menstrual cycle.

Can surgery mess up a menstrual cycle?

my surgery will be in the second day of the period is that aproplem?

Does spotting between your period mess up your cycle?

yes, but you should talk to your family doctor.

Can you start your birth control pill cycle three days after you finish your period instead of a Sunday?

You can but this will mess up your cycle and you wont be protected fully. Continue taking your pills as prescribed.

Can a lot of exercising mess up your period?

No it can not mess up your Period it can just make it flow faster hope i Helped!

Can skipping the inactive week in a birth control package to skip a period mess up the cycle?

Yes, some women will experience irregular bleeding if they try that.

Can stress mess with your period?


Can surgery mess up your period?

Stress can alter a menstrual cycle. Surgery exerts physiological stress on the body. Therefore, surgery can indeed alter the dates of menstruation.

Can birth control pills mess up your cycle?


Does alcohol mess with your period?

No. Drinking has no affect.

Can a d and c mess your menstrual cycle up?

It is possible for a D&C to mess up a woman's menstrual cycle. Periods can appear up to 60 days late after this procedure.

What happens if you sleep too much?

you will mess up your sleep cycle

Does Prozac mess with your menstrual cycle?

No. This would be considered highly unusual.

Can birth-control pill mess with your period?

Yes, the birth control pill will mess with your period in that it stops periods.The pill works by suppressing the menstrual cycle so that you do not ovulate, thus in turn you do not menstruate - the bleeding experienced on the pill is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when going from active to inactive pills or the week break.

You took a birth control pill by mistake will it mess my period up?

i am not on any type of birth control and i mistakenly took one will it mess my period up now!

Can your cycle be completely off if it's been over 7 weeks after your miscarriage and you still haven't received your period and what kind of tests would a doctor do to find out why you have no period?

Yes a miscarriage can mess up your cycle. But do a pregnancy test to check if your not pregnant again. A doctor can do a hormonal imbalance test to see if this is causing your lack of periods.

What happens when you take Zoloft if you are not mentally ill?

If you do not require an antidepressant yet start taking one you can permenantly mess up your "Happy" system. Antidepressants are not for recreational use.

Can you mess up your period when you smoke weed?

bluntly with out a explanation YES!!!!! i don't know why but i know it mess it up

Would Topomax mess up your menstrual cycle?

Not sure about how it would affect the menstrual cycle, but if you have stopped having your period and think you may be pregnant, STOP taking Topomax. It has recently been linked to birth defects in women who continued taking it through pregnancy.

Can stopping the pill 2 months ago mess up your cycle even if you had a period last month?

Yes, even taking birth control for one month can mess up your period for six months. The pill is used to change how your body naturally works. When you take it off and on your body goes crazy because the pill didn't finish the job it started.

Can being on period mess up a drug test?


Can stress and the pill and being sexually active mess your period up?

Sex cannot mess-up your period, stress can but only if you have a menstrual cycle, while on the pill you do not have a menstrual cycle. The whole purpose of the pill it to stop your menstrual cycle so that you don't ovulate, as you don't ovulate you don't menstruate, bleeding you experience on the pill is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in hormones when going from your active to inactive pills. Irregular bleeding is normal for the first three months on the pill while your body adjusts, but over that three months if you experience irregular bleeding you should talk to your doctor.

Can birth control delay a period after taking just the very first pill?

yes it can it could make you spot, or bleed, and it can mess up your cycle like the timing on it. but if you started taking it no worries your body will adjust.

Can going off the pill mess up my period?

Yes - it normally does

If you start using birth control on the Monday after your cycle will it still be effective?

birth control becomes effective after the first month of use. So you would begin the pill after your period, use up a pack, get your period and then you are protected. everytime after that, you have nothing to worry about unless you mess up on your pills.