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Can stopping Lexapro cause missed periods?

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Discontinuation symptoms of Lexapro include restlessness and depression. Irregular menses are usually caused by hormonal imbalances; if you experience changes in your menstrual cycle, consult a physician.

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Can antidepressients Lexapro cause missed periods.?


Does Lexapro cause missed periods?

Does laxapro caused irregular peiords

Can Lexapro cause a missed period?

Many anti-depressants have a side effect of delayed or missed periods. With Lexapro, this side effect is not one of the more common ones, but it is a possible one. Likewise, withdrawing frin Lexapro may also result in a missed period. If you miss a period on Lexapro, you should first test to see if you are pregnant. Missed periods are commonplace and happen to most women at some point in their lives. If you are extremely worried, if there are other complications, or if you have missed more than three periods in a row, see a doctor.

What can cause missed periods?


Can lamictal cause you to miss your period?

Yes it may cause missed periods and sometimes painful periods

Does cervical cancer cause missed periods?

babies do.

What can cause abdominal pain and missed periods?

Um, pregnancy.

What could be the cause of several months of missed periods?


Can stress cause a longer period?

I believe so. It can also cause late and missed periods

What are the side effects of missed periods other than being pregnant?

stress or illness can cause a missed period

Can hot flashes cause missed periods?

No, hot flashes are a symptom not a cause so they cannot delay menstruation. If you're experiencing hot flashes and missed periods then that points to a hormonal imbalance causing these symptoms.

Can xanax cause you to get your period late or miss a period?

Xanax (alprazolam) will not cause missed or late periods.

Is it normal for a virgin to miss two periods?

Yes, it can be. If you are under stress this can cause missed periods. If you have been sick, on a diet, all of these things can cause missed periods. If you are young and just starting your periods it is common to skip months or to have irregular period. It takes a year or two before a cycle becomes regular.

Does HIV or aids cause you to have missed periods?

It is not an early sign of HIV infection or AIDS.

Does increasing stress stop puberty?

Not fully but it can cause missed/late periods. it can make your hormones go crazy like can cause spotting between periods and causes a breakout of spots.

You have missed your period you have no symptoms and you have a negative pregnancy test what is going on with your body?

Missing a period has many causes besides pregnancy. Many women (especially adolescents) have irregular periods to begin with. Stress, illness, and poor diet can also cause missed periods. See your doctor if this continues. One missed period is not cause for panic.

If you go off birth control after being on it for a long time can it cause irregular and missed periods?


What can cause missed periods and pregnancy symptoms including large rounded stomach but not be pregnant?

i have the same question

What could cause stomach fluttering but no missed periods?

some sort of std such as siphilous in your stomach lining

Can an STD cause a missed period?

There are no STDs that delay periods. Take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

Can Lexapro cause eye infections or puffy eyes?

Lexapro cannot cause eye infections. Like any medication, lexapro may cause puffy eyelids, but it is unlikely to do so.

Does Lexapro cause false positive drug screen?

can lexapro cause a false positive drug screen?

Ive missed 2 periods but am not pregnant?

it's not cause you are pregnant cause you aren't right but maybe your not healthy or something. go to the doctors

What could be the cause of 3 months of missed periods if you had a tubal ligation 2 years ago and 2 pregnancy tests within the last 2 months were negative?

Periods can be missed for a variety of reasons besides pregnancy. Some women just have irregular periods. Extreme stress can cause periods to temporarily stop. Women who have very low body fat like ballerinas often stop menstruating. Female athletes, especially those who rigorously train for long-distance events like triathlons or marathons often stop menstruating. Menopause or peri-menopause can begin as early as your 20s and cause light or missed periods. Either way, if your periods have been regular in the past and now you've missed three, I would see an ob/gyn.

Can being overweight cause missed periods?

Yes it can. It can cause PCOS (Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome) Cysts on the ovaries. As well as hormonal imbalances and fertility issues.